About us

Central Scientific Services provide expertise and access to world-class resources in flow cytometry, analytical and biological mass spectrometry, electron microscopy and x-ray services.

These facilities are divided into two units:

  1. The Analytical and Biomolecular Research Facility (ABRF) comprising flow cytometry and mass spectrometry and
  2. The Electron Microscope and X-Ray Unit (EMX).

The staff within these units provide a high level of service and specialist technical support to researchers and students of the University of Newcastle, within the constraints of the equipment located within each facility.

Availability of Equipment

Please subscribe to the 'Research - ABRF' mailing list to receive information regarding changes to ABRF equipment and staffing.

Please check the UoN EMX Unit booking system - for information regarding changes to EMX equipment and staffing.

Publication Acknowledgement

All users should give Central Scientific Services and any of its staff, appropriate acknowledgements in publications, posters and theses.

It would be greatly appreciated if a copy of any publications acknowledging the CSS's assistance, materially or otherwise, be sent to the unit as this helps to support applications for new equipment.

Advice for ARC/NHMRC Grants

Grant writers should incorporate any ABRF and/or EMX fees or other charges into any grant applications submitted to the ARC/NHMRC, where use of the unit's equipment is anticipated.