Collaborative Research

NSW legislation stipulates that where parts of a project take place at different institutions, each Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) must be cognisant of all aspects of the project, and must ensure that any cumulative impact of procedures on animals is considered.

Procedures must be in place to ensure that:
  1. animals will be well cared for in all phases of the project
  2. the responsible AECs are in a position to inspect the animals during all phases of the project
  3. before any work commences each AEC approves, or delegates approval of, scientific and teaching activities being conducted by members of its institution
  4. clear communication channels are established between all involved ACECs and investigators and teachers
  5. such arrangements between institutions should be as a formal agreement that ensures that all parties involved are aware of and can meet their respective responsibilities under the requirements of the Code and relevant legislation.

If your research involves collaboration with colleagues at another institution, the legislative framework requires the ACEC to review additional documentation dependent upon the particular situation.

ACEC Methodology

The ACEC has developed a methodology document which outlines what information will need to be provided and what actions will need to be taken in the following situation:

a) Research conducted solely within institutions other than the University of Newcastle.

b) Research conducted solely at the University of Newcastle, but involving researchers from other institutions.

c) Research conducted partly on premises/locations associated with the University of Newcastle, and partly on premises/locations not associated
with the University where either;

(i)  animals are transferred between institutions as part of the project, or

(ii) animals remain within their respective institutions and specific parts of the project are carried out entirely at each institution.

Collaborative research using animals (PDF 118 KB)

The NSW Animal Research Review Panel has also developed guidelines which provide a framework on which collaborating research groups can base a formal agreement.


To ensure that the legislative requirements are met, you should seek advice from the ACEC well BEFORE you plan to commence collaborative research so that the process can be streamlined as much as possible.

For further information, please contact the Animal Ethics Officer.