Supplement Document and Standard Operating Procedures

Omission of essential information is a common cause of delays in the processing of an application. The Supplement Document includes information pertaining to the sequence of events, justification of animal numbers and attachments that have been developed for specific procedures and situations to ensure that your application includes the required information pertaining to that procedure or situation.

A SOP can be used to replace an attachment or a number of attachments to the application form.

Download Supplement Document

The Supplement Document below has a Microsoft Word file format.  If you require this document in a different file format please contact the Animal Ethics Officer.

All ACEC attachment documents are now contained within the "Supplement Document" above. Links to the following individual attachment documents are provided for the convenience of investigators submitting a variation to the ACEC that requires the addition of a single attachment.

For further information please see the following pages:

Standard Operating Procedures and Animal Wellbeing Phenotype Reports

Note: ACEC currently approved SOPs do not need to be attached to applications.

Completing the Supplement Document

  • Sequence of Events - provide a clear description of the project and sequence of events.
  • Justification of Animal Numbers - provide justification for the total number of each type of animal required for the duration of the project.
  • Attachments - Please ensure that you complete only those attachments that are relevant to your application.
  • Attach the Supplement Document to your submission.

When completing an attachment:

  • All questions must be answered (even if your response is "Not Applicable"), and answers to questions must be typed.
  • Insert your responses in the boxes provided. The box will expand to accommodate the length of your response. The size of the box may be increased by adding paragraph marks. Boxes or tables may be copied by highlighting the box and using the "Edit, copy" and then "Edit, paste" commands.
  • Do not delete sections or amend the formatting of the attachments unless instructed to do so.