Suppression clauses in health research funding

In his article Suppression clauses in health research funding: Case study of an Australian government contract negotiation published in the Medical Journal of Australia, Professor Kypros Kypri looks at the role of universities in promoting open enquiry. 

Government departments and agencies routinely commission research to help them understand and respond to health, social and other problems.  This research should be impartial and unbiased, however, governments are imposing legal conditions on such research which can subvert science and the public interest.

Professor Kypri is a Senior Brawn Research Fellow in the School of Medicine and Public Health.  A behavioural scientist, his research includes the influence of the social and physical environment on alcohol drinking behaviour, and determining the effectiveness of strategies aimed at preventing alcohol-related harm.  His research has been instrumental in introducing 3am closing times for pubs, which has seen a positive result in the rate of alcohol related violence incidents in NSW, including assaults on emergency workers.

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