Soviet Women on the Frontline in the Second World War

Professor Roger Markwick and Dr Euridice Charon-Cardona, Palgrave Macmillan, UK (2012)

Soviet Women On The FrontlineOne million women served in the Red Army on the Eastern Front in the Second World War, resisting the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union; genocidal, misogynist, warfare of unprecedented ferocity. Another 28,000 women fought with the partisans. Mass participation by women in warfare on such a scale is historically unique. 

This book explains why and how Soviet women came to fight en masse in Stalin's 'Great Patriotic War' of 1941-45. Drawing on a vast array of original archival, memoir, and published sources, it captures the confronting, everyday experiences voiced by Soviet women - aviators, anti-aircraft gunners, nurses, snipers and partisans - fighting, living and dying on the anti-fascist frontline. In doing so, it examines the aftermath of women's mass military participation and what it says about the place of women in Stalin's Soviet Union.

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