Imagined Futures - Hope, Risk and Uncertainty

“Who, ultimately, chooses the future for contemporary youth?...Cook’s book is an excellent contribution for pushing further research not only in relation to theories on the future – probably the most predominant feature of the book – but also, in perspective, on a policy sensitive level.” Valentina Cuzzocrea, Universita` di Cagliari, Italy

Imagined Futures – Hope, Risk and Uncertainty interrogates the relationship between individual’s expectations and hopes they have for their lives and that of the world around them. The book presents the findings of an interview-based study of 28 adults living in Melbourne conducted by youth sociologist, Dr Julia Cook. The book is based on research Dr Cook conducted for her PhD and examines how young people relate to both their personal and societal future.

“I went into the PhD knowing I wanted to do research on young adults and I wanted to look at something to do with managing and coping with uncertainty within individuals day to day lives. This brought me to the sub-field of the sociology of time. Over the past decade there have been a number of large-scale quantitative studies looking at the attitudes and impressions of young people, and their thoughts about what the future might hold. However I wanted to take a qualitative approach and get an in-depth view of the complexities involved in this topic,” Dr Cook said.

Dr Cook says she is fascinated by research into people’s ideas of the future because it delivers a unique vantage point for looking at society and social issues.

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