Memory and Consumers’ Decision-Making

Newcastle Business School academic Dr Sonia Vilches-Montero presented an award winning paper on the ways memory can affect decision making at the 49th CLADEA annual conference in Barcelona, Spain on 3-5 September, 2014. 

The paper, titled Effect of partonomic reconstruction of experiences in consumers' evaluation judgements, examines the effect of various retrieval cues on consumers' memory for past experiences and shows how distorting memory impacts future consumption preferences.

CLADEA is the Latin American Council of Management Schools, one of the world's largest networks of business schools.  It seeks to promote excellence and expand the scope of education in management science and techniques. As an international organisation, CLADEA provides a global cooperation system and maintains reciprocal membership links with the world's leading academic institutions. Members are from over 200 institutions from Latin America, North America, Europe and Oceania.

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