Education, Teaching and Indigenous Peoples

Professor Dennis Foley researches and teaches across numerous academic fields related to Indigenous Australians. 

Developing Sustainable Education in Regional AustraliaHis book chapter 'Educating, Teaching and Indigenous Peoples' is published in the book Developing Sustainable Education in Regional Australia edited by Andrew Gunstone (Monash University Publishing 2014).  This book challenges current thinking about education and emphasises the importance of taking into account the background and learning experiences of both the student and the educator.  Learning, it is argued, needs to take place within personalised learning environments.
Professor Foley, a Fulbright Scholar and dual Endeavour Fellow identifies as Koori.  His matrilineal connection is Gai-mariagal of the Guringah language group of northern Sydney, and his patrilineal connection is to the Wiradjuri people of the Capetree/Turon River region.  Professor Foley's publications focus on social inclusion across disciplines such as Indigenous Literature, Indigenous History, Indigenous Studies, Business Management (Entrepreneurship) and Indigenous Epistemology and Pedagogy. 

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