Creating Space in the Fifth Estate

Creating Space in the Fifth Estateedited by Dr Janet Fulton and  Associate Professor Phillip McIntyre from the Communication and Media Research (CAMR) group, housed in the brand new School of Creative Industries, was published on May Day by Cambridge Scholarly Publishers. This new book is one of the first for the new school after Associate Professor Craig Hight's Studying Digital Media Audiences. It resulted from the efforts of McIntyre and Fulton in convening the Australia and New Zealand Communication Association conference here at UoN last July. The book examines the radical changes being brought about by the digital revolution. Other FEDUA authors in the book include Associate Professor Marj Kibby from Cultural Studies and Dr Michael Meany, the School of Creative Industries Deputy Head of School for Teaching and Learning.

The book asks a number of questions. What exactly is the fifth estate? What are the power structures that exist there? What is the relationship between the fourth and fifth estates? What do we lose and what do we gain in that transition? How does the fifth estate change various forms of communication? How does the fifth estate constitute new communities and social movements? What about traditional forms that are still finding their niche in the new world? What actions do we as communicators and communication scholars now need to engage with? Why is it important?