Citizen Emperor: Napoleon in Power 1799 – 1815

Professor Philip Dwyer, Bloomsbury Publishing London (2013). Shortlisted for a 2015 NSW Premier's Literary Awards and the 2014 Prime Minister's Literary Award.

A follow-up to Napoleon: The Path to Power, 1769–1799 (Yale, 2008), this second volume of Philip Dwyer's outstanding biography sheds further fresh light on one of the great figures of modern history. 

After a meteoric rise, a military-political coup in 1799 established Napoleon Bonaparte in government, aged just thirty. 

This meticulously researched study examines the man in power, from his brooding obsessions and capacity for violence, to his ability to inspire others and realise his visionary ideas. 

One of the first truly modern politicians, Napoleon skilfully fashioned the image of himself that laid the foundation of the legend that endures to this day; Philip Dwyer's ambitious, definitive work separates myth from history to offer us anew one of history's most charismatic and able leaders.

Citizen Emperor: Napoleon in Power1799-1815, Prof Philip Dwyer

Praise for the publication

"A wonderful read that will offer fresh insights to even the most hardened Napoleonic veteran: I only wish that I had written this book." Charles Esdaile, author of Napoleon's Wars: An International History, 1803-1815 

"This is the book . . . stunning and memorable, reading like an insider's account." Douglas Wilson, Books and Culture 

"Philip Dwyer's Citizen Emperor is a formidable, engaging account of Napoleon's time in power. Together with volume one, Napoleon: The Path to Power, 1769–1799 (Yale, 2008), it now stands as the gold-standard account of the Napoleonic adventure. Rafe Blaufarb, MHQ Magazine 

"…a very fine book, which explains Napoleon's extraordinary rise to power and equally meteoric fall, with great erudition, skill and verve. The Spectator Magazine, 14/12/13

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