What we do

Three76 runs an annual program of events and workshops to give startups and SMEs access to the expertise and networks they need to achieve business growth.

As Australia embraces the opportunities associated with a knowledge economy, the cohort of graduates who are equipped with the transferable skills and experience to innovate and respond flexibly to the changing marketplace will be critical to Australia’s economic growth.

Three76 helps meet this challenge by aiming to:

  • Encourage innovation and commercialisation through deployment of UON-generated knowledge
  • Foster a culture of entrepreneurship at the University and across the city
  • Produce the next generation of entrepreneurs, business leaders and inventors
  • Launch start-ups and attracting investment and other businesses to Newcastle
  • Facilitate linkages and collaboration across both the regional and national innovation ecosystem

Customised learning and skills development

We offer a mix of in-house developed UON courses alongside partner-generated programs to provide our students and staff with a range of options in how they access the information and help they need to grow their ideas. Unlike many other university hubs and innovation labs, joining the co-working space does not mean you have to join a particular incubator or accelerator program. This provides flexibility for our members and creates a community with a healthy diversity of start-up and SME activity across the various stages of business development. A snapshot of our programming includes:

  • Basic business skills sessions
  • Speed mentoring events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Incubation and acceleration programs
  • Hackathons
  • Lean Startup Workshops
  • Drop-in sessions with business advisors from our partners

We co-design our program with our members. If their feedback is they need some help with marketing or are trying to work out the best governance model for their enterprise, we can organise something in-house and informal for them quickly, or target their preferred expert to come and give a talk at the hub. Central to this co-design approach is lots of talking and lots of listening to all hub stakeholders.

Three76 Hub Programs

Connect with Researchers, Staff and Students

Now more than ever, start-ups need talented people to help them grow and make an impact. But attracting the right people can be a challenge in itself.  At Three76 Hub we are ready to support start-ups on this journey. We can help start-ups connect with UON Researchers, students, graduates or access commercialisation knowledge through several existing UON programs. If you would like to find out more information on how we can help you find the right talent for your startup, you can contact the UON Careers and Student Development team. The team supports a wide range of recruitment and engagement activities with the aim of delivering benefits to students, graduates and employers.

"Early on in our start-up journey, my co-founders and I realised that we were lacking expertise in the area of marketing and so for us the most logical option was to outsource it. Through the process of engaging with recent graduates we were able to create 4 jobs for existing students and graduates at our start-up.” -Sahil Harriram Co-founder and CEO of Elite Robotics

Below is a testimony of Jenny Hanson a recent marketing graduate who heads the marketing team at Elite Robotics:

Who are you?

Hello, my name is Jenny Hanson. I'm originally from the USA but I have recently moved to Newcastle on a temporary basis. My hobbies include playing women's AFL for Newcastle City and working at the Newcastle City farmers market every Sunday. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, doing yoga, going to the beach and testing out new recipes in the kitchen!

What are you studying?

I graduated in May 2016 from the University of Iowa with a BBA in Marketing as well as a leadership certificate. Ideally I would like to work towards earning my MBA in marketing sometime in the near future!

What attracted you to the internship?

I met CEO & Co-founder Sahil Harriram through a mutual friend who studies at UON. I was very intrigued after speaking with him and learning a bit about the company. We both decided I could fill a void in doing marketing for ER and I started working from home casually. In June I started working nearly every day at Three76 Hub. I love the atmosphere of the co-working space and have had the chance to take advantage of many of the events and workshops put on here. This internship is helping me gain valuable work experience that aligns directly with my degree and interests. I love being a part of the ER team and having the freedom of working in a start-up environment!

What are you doing for Elite Robotics/describe your day at Elite?

I am currently the marketing and social media manager for Elite Robotics. I manage our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email accounts and create specific content for each platform. I also attend events with the ER team to network and engage with the local and regional start-up ecosystem.

My typical day consists of planning & scheduling posts for each platform as well as interacting with similar accounts. Essentially it is my duty to bring attention to our brand and build awareness as we prepare to launch our prototype in the coming months.

Long-term benefits of the internship etc.

This internship has given me so much more than I could have hoped for. Moving to a new country was scary at first but this position helped me settle into a brand new city. The relationships I've made and networking I've done really makes me feel like a part of this community! If everything keeps going as it is now, I may be able to get a new working visa to stay in Australia--- all thanks to this internship with Elite Robotics!