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News • 13 Dec 2019

Hone takes research to the real world

A platform that helps farmers test the chemical properties of soil, crops and grain samples in-field and developed by a team of University of Newcastle graduates has secured funding for commercialisation.

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News • 11 Dec 2019

Defence SME Training Seminar Series with Hunter Defence

Hunter Defence in collaboration with a number of it key affiliate organisations including The University of Newcastle, has launched a Defence Ready Seminar Series.

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News • 11 Dec 2019

AGL briefing brings over 250 Industry Attendees to Campus

On Friday 29 November AGL presented an Industry Briefing Session on the construction of the proposed Newcastle Power Station to local business at The University of Newcastle's Callaghan Campus.

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News • 11 Dec 2019

School forums presentations

Incase you didn't know, NI Business Development Managers (BDMs) are available to present to your school or research group.

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News • 10 Dec 2019

UON Research Improving Safety and Efficacy of Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control is a critical function of civilian and domestic aviation. The safety of personnel in the aircraft and on base relies upon the Air Traffic Controllers’ (ATCs) ability to manage multiple, high-attention tasks like the identification of unusual or suspicious behaviour in local and incoming air traffic.

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News • 10 Dec 2019

NI hold successful industry events

NI have held two hugely successful industry networking events in the last few months; one at Ourimbah Campus on 24 October attracting more than 60 guests (half of those from Central Coast industries) and on 20 November the NI End-of-Year Event attracted over 90 registrations including 60 from local industry.

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News • 29 Nov 2019

August Medical Research Commercialistaion Fund meeting update

NI's Health Business Development Mangager, Dr David Fox, attended the August Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) meeting in Wellington, NZ.

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News • 29 Nov 2019

Hunter defence task force launched

In December 2018, Hunter Defence launched the Hunter Defence Task Force to promote the Hunter's defence industry capability and represent existing and potential participants in the defence industry.

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News • 29 Nov 2019

Faculty roundtable discussion to focus on industry engagament

In support of the University's ongoing focus on industry engagement, Research Advantage has added to the Innovation with Industry initiative by organising Faculty specific roundtable discussions.

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News • 29 Nov 2019

Coal derived materials thought to be next step for Australia's coal and manufacturing industries

Researchers at The University of Newcastle have been developing new uses for coal that may help expand the market for this economically significant commodity into a low CO2 emissions future.