Global Impact Clusters
Energy, Resources, Food and Water

Research education and doctoral training centres

The GIC ERFW strategy is aimed at boosting UON’s research potential by promoting focused industry engagement, interdisciplinary collaboration, and research with commercial output. Drawing upon the University’s international reach and profile, the GIC ERFW provides an enhanced learning experience through the development of interdisciplinary undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral training programs and centres. Under this enabling framework, unique education programs will assist students to expand their skills in leadership, cross-cultural experiences and international awareness.

Advanced METS Doctoral Training Centre

Harnessing the existing research strength of NIER in the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector, the GIC ERFW has established The Advanced METS Doctoral Training Centre (METS DTC). This inaugural strategic initiative will expand fundamental knowledge, develop industry engaged research leaders and support industry partners to identify the emerging opportunities in this globally-focused sector encompassing mineral exploration, extraction and mining supply chain. The METS DTC facilitates closer links between academia and industry, enhancing the impact of doctoral research and to produce work-ready doctoral graduates and will serve as a catalyst for the creation, development and production of innovative technologies and products for economic growth, enhanced environmental and social benefits.

Benefits for Students Engaged with the METS DTC:

  • Graduate work-ready with transferable skills
  • Embedded industry experience with exposure to core and peripheral research
  • Enhanced global mobility, social responsibility and awareness
  • Undertake PhD programs with a cohort of students in a collegial and supportive environment
  • Opportunities to explore pathways in multiple industries across the METS sector

Advantage for Engaged Industry Partners:

  • Access to the University’s academic excellence
  • Engage with researchers and businesses to develop new technologies and innovations
  • Utilisation of the University’s facilities and research expertise
  • Opportunity to join a hub of networked industries shaping the future of the METS sector through industry-led research programs that will find solutions to the most critical issues