Global Impact Clusters

The University of Newcastle's world-class research and strong national and international partnerships drive innovation that challenges conventional thinking, breaks new ground and changes lives.

For more than 50 years we've been defined by our commitment to equity, innovation and universal impact.

The establishment of four Global Impact Clusters (GICs) - a key initiative in our 10-year strategic plan - is helping researchers work across disciplines to solve the world's greatest challenges in the fields of:

The GICs foster multidisciplinary research, creating opportunities for industry partners to accelerate innovation, and combine shared resources. This connected network model empowers students and researchers to tackle global challenges and make a greater collective impact.

Two GICs, the Energy, Resources, Food and Water GIC and the Better Health, Healthcare and Treatment GIC have already launched, with the Future Industries GIC and Strong Cities, Communities and Regions GIC launching later in 2018.

The Global Impact Clusters drive innovation, business development, commercialisation and impact. The GICs allow University students and researchers to:

  • Access world-class facilities to conduct multidisciplinary research, collaborate, and find innovative solutions to global challenges.
  • Engage with new and emerging markets and industries - resulting in tailored, high impact research and advancements.
  • Build strong relationship with industry partners through research collaboration.
  • Be challenged by global perspectives.
  • Benefit from new and emerging models of collaboration and competition in research and innovation.

Underpinned by critical research, the GICs allow a flexible, adaptable approach to responding to global and national trends.

As part of the GIC framework, our Doctoral Training Centres mean undergraduates and academics have an opportunity to research, collaborate, and find solutions to some of industry's greatest challenges.

At the University of Newcastle, research doesn't end there. It's translated into solutions to global problems, and its impact is felt around the world.

The Global Impact Clusters provide an exciting framework - for multidisciplinary research, new opportunities for industry collaboration, and the chance to tackle global challenges and make a greater collective impact.