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Global Impact Clusters

The University of Newcastle’s robust, multi-disciplinary and collaborative research reputation has driven innovation for more than 50 years, and delivered significant economic and social benefits in our region and beyond. As a forward-thinking institution committed to excellence and equity we have consistently demonstrated that innovation grounded in world-class research can lead to lasting impacts for communities across our increasingly connected world.

Global Impact Clusters

The establishment of four Global Impact Clusters (GICs) is a key initiative under our NeW Futures Strategic Plan and will ensure UON continues to be recognised for research of quality, depth and impact.

Over the next two years four GICs will be launched:

Energy, Resources, Food and Water (2016)

Better Health, Healthcare and Treatment (2016)

Future Industries (2017)

Strong Cities, Communities and Regions (2017)

GICs address global challenges built on the base of UON’s research concentrations and work across discipline and national boundaries to drive innovation, business development, commercialisation and impact. GICs are enablers for industry collaboration and research translation at a broad level.

The GICs allow UON students and staff to:

  • Tackle global challenges through collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach, providing access to world class facilities to develop innovative solutions and enabling technologies
  • Strengthen excellence in research and its economic and commercial relevance through the generation of high quality, high impact research and the facilitation of access to new and emerging markets and industries.
  • Develop introductions and build collaborations between our students, researchers and industry partners through engagement in national and international research cooperation
  • Expose students, researchers and research trainees to global perspectives and a diversity of approaches and models of collaboration and competition in research and innovation

The GICs can be characterised by their flexible organisational structures which are underpinned by critical research and innovation support, providing adaptability and responsiveness to global and national trends.  Drawing upon their international reach and profile, the GICs also offer a mechanism to provide an extended undergraduate learning experience for high performers through the development of unique undergraduate and post-graduate programs and an interdisciplinary approach. Education programs and doctoral training centres (or capacity) are therefore an integral feature of the general GIC model.

UON has a longstanding track record in developing research solutions which can be translated regionally, nationally and internationally to build equitable prosperity, social cohesion and healthy communities. The GICs present an exciting framework and a significant moment in responding to our rapidly changing environment and ensuring this legacy continues in the future.

Research and Innovation Clusters and Hubs

In addition to our celebrated specific research strengths we recognise that success in research that has significant impact on society and produces economic growth, comes from collaborative cross-disciplinary ventures. To enable such ventures, we encourage the formation of cross-disciplinary clusters and hubs.

Clustering is a key means of driving regional development and can be defined as geographic concentrations of interconnected universities, companies, service providers, firms in related industries and associated institutions in particular fields working together to provide multidisciplinary solutions to complex problems.

These clusters and hubs offer a one-stop-shop for business, industry and government partners to work with researchers who bring different capabilities to bear in thematic areas. These hubs and clusters use a variety of unique forums for information sharing and for driving new knowledge.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research ClusterAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research and Innovation Cluster

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research and Innovation Cluster (ATSIRIC) seeks to facilitate a united research partnership between members of the University of Newcastle, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and relevant health and community organisations in order to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Creative Industries Research and Innovation ClusterCreative Industries Research and Innovation Cluster

The Creative Industries Research and Innovation Cluster (CIRIC) takes a coordinated multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, engaging across the many stakeholders that contribute to the growth and health of contemporary creative economies.

Defence and Security Research and Innovation HubDefence and Security Research and Innovation Hub

The Defence and Security Research and Innovation Hub aims to encourage greater engagement between University of Newcastle researchers and the established Defence industry in the Newcastle and the Hunter Region which includes both government and industry stakeholders.

Global eHealth Research and Innovation ClusterGlobal eHealth Research and Innovation Cluster

The aim of the Global eHealth Research and Innovation Cluster is to facilitate collaboration between innovators from the fields of health and medical sciences, engineering, design, communication, information technology, education, mathematics, business, humanities, physical, environmental and social sciences.

 Joint UON and Central Coast Food Innovation Cluster Joint UON and Central Coast Food Innovation Cluster

The Joint UON and Central Coast Food Innovation Cluster brings together researchers from across multiple disciplines within the University of Newcastle as well as experts from within the Central Coast food and beverage industry and government members.

These groups are supported by Newcastle Innovation (NI). For more information on how to be involved with the Clusters, please contact or phone +61 2 4921 8777.