Cooperative Research Centres

In 2015, the Government reviewed the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program and several recommended changes were accepted including the introduction of a smaller CRC-Project scheme as well as the traditional CRC stream. The CRC Programme aims:

  • To improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries, especially where Australia has a competitive strength, and in line with Government Priorities.
  • Foster high quality research to solve industry-identified problems through industry-led and outcome-focused collaborative research partnerships between Industry Entities and Research Organisations.

CRCs can be funded within the Government Priorities which includes the Science and Research Priorities, the Industry Knowledge Priorities developed under the Industry Growth Centres Initiative, or any other science, research, industry and innovation priorities identified by the Australian Government from time to time.

The traditional CRCs have can be funded for up to 10 years and have no upper funding limit. Each application must have at least one Australian Industry entity and one Australian research provider. Applications must demonstrate the ability to at least match (in cash or in-kind) the level of CRC Programme Funding requested. The application can be submitted by a University on behalf of the group but if successful the CRC must be established as an incorporated company limited by guarantee. The CRC assessment process involves two stages. The second stage involves a full business case including a completed impact tool and may involve an interview.

The newly introduced CRC-Projects (CRC-P) are for short term (up to 3 years) collaborations and up to $3 million funding can be requested. The application must involve two Australian Industry partners (of which one must be an SME) and a research organisation. Applications must demonstrate the ability to at least match (in cash or in-kind) the level of CRC Programme Funding requested. Applications must be submitted by an Industry Participant. The assessment of CRC-P applications is a one stage process. Key dates for upcoming CRC-Project rounds are:

 Round 2Round 3Round 4
Round opensAugust 2016January 2017July 2017
Round closesSeptember 2016March 2017        August 2017

Key Documents

Programme Guidelines



These documents were downloaded from the CRC Programme website November 2017 and applicants are recommended to check the website for updated documents. To view ensure that you click on 'Tell me more' and scroll to the end.