School of Electrical Engineering and Computing

School of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Emeritus Laureate Professor Graham Goodwin

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graham Goodwin graduated from the University of New South Wales with B.Sc. (Physics) 1965, B.E. Honours I (Electrical Engineering) 1967 and Ph.D. 1971. In 2010 he was awarded the IEEE Control Systems Field Award and in 2013 he received the Rufus T. Oldenburger Medal from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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Professor Ljiljana Brankovic

Computer Science and Software Engineering

With expertise in data security and privacy in data mining, Professor Ljiljana Brankovic has had a long-term interest in the growing problem of protecting an individual's personal data.

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Professor Liz Burd

Software Engineering

Professor Burd is an expert in Software Engineering and an IEEE Computer Society Chair. She is currently involved in the re-evaluation and re-design of the Software Engineering program as a teaching and learning mentor.

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Professor Andrew Fleming


Professor Andrew Fleming's research includes optical nanofabrication, nanopositioning control systems, high-speed scanning probe microscopy, micro-cantilever sensors, and metrological position sensors.

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Professor Sarah Johnson

Electrical Engineering

Professor Sarah Johnson performs research in the fields of signal processing, error correction coding and information theory. The applications of her research include secure and reliable digital communications and biomedical imaging technologies.

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Professor Reza Moheimani


ARC Fellow Professor Reza Moheimani's research includes developing nanotechnology capable of creating maximum memory on the smallest piece of technology, allowing people to carry huge amounts of information on a tiny portable device.

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Professor Pablo Moscato

Information Based Medicine

Professor Pablo Moscato is one of Australia's most cited computer scientists. He has been working in Evolutionary Computation since 1988, and in heuristic methods for Operations Research problems since 1985.

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Associate Professor Regina Berretta


Associate Professor Regina Berretta has long been interested in the crossover of the disciplines of computer science, mathematics and health, particularly where computer science has a key role to play in health innovation.

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Dr Alexandre Mendes

Optimisation and Data Mining

Dr Alexandre Mendes is the Deputy Head of the Newcastle Robotics Lab. His research interests are concentrated in Optimization and Data Mining.

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Dr Duy Ngo

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Adding to an international, fundamental knowledge base of wireless communications, Dr Duy Ngo is seeking to help commercial sectors capitalise on opportunities for 5G and beyond.

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Dr Lawrence Ong

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr Lawrence Ong is addressing the global demand for faster communications by exploring new protocols for data transmission.

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Dr Shamus Smith

Human-Computer Interaction

Software engineer Dr Shamus Smith is an expert in virtual environments and human-computer interaction.

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