School of Architecture and Built Environment

School of Architecture and Built Environment

Associate Professor Ifte Ahmed

Disaster Resilience

Associate Professor Ifte Ahmed has worked extensively as consultant on urban settlements and disaster risk management related projects for many international development agencies. He has supported many of these agencies in programming, evaluation and training activities for urban development and upgrading projects for building resilience.

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Associate Professor Thayaparan Gajendran

Construction Management (Building)

Emphasising the importance of effective communication, sustained innovation and seamless technology integration, Associate Professor Thayaparan Gajendran is seeking to create cultures of collaboration in project-based industries around the world.

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Dr Marcus Jefferies

Construction Management (Building)

Dr Marcus Jefferies is expert in identifying and managing risk in the emerging arena of partnerships between the public and privates sectors for the procurement, construction and operation of infrastructure.

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Associate Professor Jamie Mackee


Associate Professor Jamie Mackee's research has focused on the resilience of cultural heritage and how our historic built environment might be less vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

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Associate Professor Patrick Tang

Construction Management (Building)

Eco-conscious and exceptionally hard working, Associate Professor Patrick Tang is looking to accommodate both structural and functional needs in his research and practical design work on building materials.

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Professor Sueanne Ware

Design Activist

Unafraid to resist the status quo, Professor SueAnne Ware is creating spaces that challenge public apathy and disengagement and inspire the adoption of a more humanitarian approach to some of society’s most controversial and pervasive issues.

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Associate Professor Graham Brewer

Construction Management

Associate Professor Graham Brewer's research is characterised by his interest in three key areas relating to innovation: innovation by individual firms; innovation across project teams; and the sociological influences on innovation.

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Dr Sittimont Kanjanabootra

Construction Management (Building)

Influential and exceptionally inventive, Dr Sittimont Kanjanabootra is calling for seamless communication and data transfer between stakeholders during all phases of construction.

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Dr Rebecca McLaughlan


An expert in architectural design and theory, Dr Rebecca McLaughlan’s research shows a fascinating link between the built environment, our experiences of healthcare and a patient’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

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