Newcastle Law School

Newcastle Law School

Professor Christoph Antons


Christoph Antons has a background in law, Southeast Asian studies and art history.

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Associate Professor Amy Maguire


Associate Professor Amy Maguire's research spans several contemporary human rights issues and she is a public commentator in international law.

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Professor Tania Sourdin

Dean and Head of School

Professor Sourdin has published and presented widely on a range of topics including justice issues, mediation, conflict resolution, collaborative law, artificial intelligence, technology and organisational change.

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Professor Lisa Toohey


Professor Lisa Toohey researches and teaches in the fields of international trade law and dispute resolution and is an member of the University's Academic Senate for the 2018-2019 term.

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Dr Kcasey McLoughlin


Kcasey McLoughlin is an early career researcher and social commentator who probes the notion of gendered difference in Australian law.

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Dr Elena Aydos

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Aydos is a Brazilian trained lawyer, early career researcher and passionate teacher. Given her work in the area of Climate Change Law, in 2014 Elena was selected to participate in the Climate Reality Leadership Training with Al Gore.

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