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Non-Pharmacological Strategies to Support Smoking Cessation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mothers

Closing Date: 30 October 2019

PhD Scholarship

‘Which Way?’ is a community led research project that will partner with 5 ACCHS’ in New South Wales over 3 years to explore what Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s needs and desires are for holistic smoking cessation during pregnancy. The project asks, “Which way?” to develop an Indigenous led evidence base for what our communities want and need to support smoking cessation during pregnancy that is non-pharmacological.

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Limited research and knowledge in the area of smoking cessation is drawn from the interests and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Building on the current evidence base for smoking cessation, in combination with Aboriginal communities knowledge, expertise and wisdom, 'Which Way?' will develop a culturally responsive program to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s uptake of smoking cessation care during pregnancy. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have called for ‘non-pharmacological approaches to be available to them to support smoking cessation during pregnancy. These approaches included but are not limited to: group therapy, yoga, mindfulness, counseling, acupuncture, and online support. This project is led by an Aboriginal health researcher, Michelle Bovill and will be co-owned and led by 5 Aboriginal communities and encompass Aboriginal Research Governance, data sovereignty and integrated knowledge translation.

PhD Scholarship details


Supervisor: Mrs Michelle Bovill

Available to: Domestic students

Either PhD or MPhil

Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship is for a person who identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person.

Please also refer to the admission eligibility criteria.

Application Procedure

Interested applicants should send an email expressing their interest along with scanned copies of their academic transcripts, CV, a brief statement of their research interests and a proposal that specifically links them to the research project.

Please send the email expressing interest to by 5pm on 30 October 2019.

Applications Close 30 October 2019

Contact Mrs Michelle Bovill
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