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ATAMI: Is the Age of Trauma Related to the Diagnosis of Mental Illness?

Closing Date: 31 July 2019

PhD Opportunity

What makes a person develop schizophrenia and not bipolar disorder? Or conduct disorder, instead of acute stress disorder? Is it the trauma, the age at which it was experienced, the stage of development, or some other factor, like the family dynamic?

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You will be asked to conduct a literature review to examine the relationship between experience of trauma and type of mental illness diagnosis. You will then learn from a statistician how to conduct appropriate statistical analyses to provide evidence of any suggested relationships. You will be expected to have and share your own ideas in this field. For example, you may wish to then conduct a systematic review of assessments or interventions for adults who have experienced trauma but have no diagnosis, and conduct an implementation science study. The format will be a co-production between you and your co-supervisors. Feel free to provide a proposal in your expression of interest.

PhD Opportunity details


Please note that this HDR opportunity does not guarantee a scholarship. To also be considered for a scholarship please apply by the relevant scholarship round.

Supervisor: Dr Mary-Claire Hanlon

Available to: Domestic and International students

Either PhD or MPhil

Eligibility Criteria

Honours in Psychology, preferably First Class. You should examine the university's website for an appropriate co-supervisor from the School of Psychology - someone you think fits this project, but also has similar interests to your own.

Application Procedure

Interested applicants should send an email expressing their interest along with scanned copies of their academic transcripts, CV, a brief statement of their research interests and a proposal that specifically links them to the research project.

Please send the email expressing interest to by 5pm on 31 July 2019.

Applications Close 31 July 2019

Contact Dr Mary-Claire Hanlon
Phone +61 2 4921 7776

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