PHD Scholarship: Medical Education, the formation over time of a medical identity among medical students - associations with skills and attributes

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Faculty of Health and Medicine and School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newcastle has a scholarship opportunity for a research student to study 'medical identity' in medical students enrolled in the UON BMed Sci course.

This project is an opportunity to conduct research on the new BMed Sci, MD curriculum launched in the Joint Medical Program in 2017.

Various aspects of students’ attitudes, behaviour, and performance will be investigated in a longitudinal study tracking students’ progression through the program.

Upon seeking admission to the program students are assessed on a range of personal qualities which are revisited in course assessments.

Further, the development of an identity as a medical student and medical practitioner begins at the outset of raining or even before.

Students’ perceptions of medical identity and perceptions of the qualities of the ideal and the real physician as well as perceptions of the physician they see themselves becoming will be tracked over time and in relation to students’ professional behaviours as observed in learning experiences such as clinical placement and clinical assessments.

The project is an opportunity to better understand students’ experiences and change over time in these important aspects of professionalism and medical identity, and to inform future curricula revisions to enhance the way medical schools prepare students for their career


$26,682 p.a. (2017 rate, indexed in January each year), for 3.5 years.


This Scholarship is open to domestic and international students.


Visit the higher degree by research scholarships website for further information about eligibility criteria (

If you are interested, please  send your application to Dr Conor Gilligan (

Contact: Dr Conor Gilligan
Ph: +61 2 4042 0553

APPLICATIONS CLOSE 15th December 2017

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