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Totally Disconnected, Locally Compact Groups

Closing Date: 29 February 2020

PhD Scholarship

A PhD scholarship opportunity is available for students to investigate totally disconnected, locally compact groups under the supervision of ARC Laureate Professor George Willis. The students will join a team seeking to bring our understanding of these groups to a level comparable to that of finite groups and connected groups.

p-adic numbers

Linear groups over the p-adic numbers or formal Laurent series, and symmetry groups of locally finite networks and complexes are important examples of totally disconnected, locally compact groups. Ideas from group theory, graphs and combinatorics, geometry, number theory and descriptive set theory are used to analyse these groups, find representations of them and to develop algorithms and software for computing in them. One of our main goals is to answer the question: how close to being exhaustive is the list of examples that we know?

PhD Scholarship details

Funding: $27,596 per annum (2019 rate) indexed annually. The living allowance scholarship and tuition fee scholarship is for four years. Scholarships also include up to $1,500 relocation allowance and Overseas Student Health Cover at single rate, for an international candidate.

Supervisor: Professor George Willis

Available to: Domestic and International students


Eligibility Criteria

The successful candidate is required to meet the eligibility criteria for admission.

Application Procedure

Interested applicants should send an email expressing their interest along with scanned copies of their academic transcripts, CV, a brief statement of their research interests and a proposal that specifically links them to the research project.

Please send the email expressing interest to by 5pm on 29 February 2020.

Applications Close 29 February 2020

Contact Professor George Willis
Phone +61 2 4921 5666

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