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UNITE is an elective course for PhD candidates comprising a full-time internship with a partner organisation on a mutually agreed project governed by a project plan. UNITE projects vary in duration from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 12 weeks, and can involve more than 1 PhD candidate.

The work undertaken during the internship is not part of the candidates’ PhD research; it provides candidates with a supplementary research experience in an organisational setting.

Benefits for your organisation

Benefits include:

  • Exploration of a specific project
  • Exposure to the latest disciplinary knowledge in your field
  • Receipt of new ideas and fresh perspectives
  • Increased awareness of the transferable skills that PhD candidates and graduates can bring to non-academic organisations
  • Establishing and growing ongoing collaborations with the University of Newcastle

What is required to participate?

  • Design of a short self-contained project that your organisation would like researched
    1. Identification of any specific disciplinary knowledge and research skills required from the PhD candidate(s) involved
    2. Appointment of a manager to supervise the candidate(s)
  • Completion of the UON GR PhD Candidate Internship Agreement
  • Provision of an orientation and induction for the candidate(s)
  • Attendance at the final presentation
    1. Completion of a candidate assessment and online evaluation

For further information on UNITE, please refer to the Course Outline.


The cost to the Partner Organisation is $3000 per candidate for 4 weeks. From this the candidate receives a weekly stipend to support their living expenses whilst completing the internship.  Candidates remain enrolled at the University and are not employees of your organisation during the period of the internship

Register your interest

Please complete the Expression of Interest to register your interest and UON Graduate Research will be in touch.

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