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COLLABORATE projects provide an ideal opportunity for collaboration between organisations and the University of Newcastle, as an initial collaboration or as part of an ongoing relationship.

Each COLLABORATE project involves a team of six PhD candidates from different disciplines working together, with a facilitator, on a broad issue provided and presented by a partner organisation. Projects run over 8 weeks and candidates are based on the University campus.

Each project ends with the group presenting their ideas and recommendations to the organisation’s representative(s) followed by a question and answer session. The are no costs involved for the partner organisation.

Further details of the COLLABORATE structure and goals can be found here.

Project considerations

COLLABORATE projects are designed to explore broad issues that do not require subject matter expertise and can be investigated within the 8 week timeframe using only desk-based research and facilitated discussion. Below are two examples of the types of issues that COLLABORATE projects can address:

  • In what ways, can we make our organisation/products/services more attractive to Generation Z?
  • What are the potential scalable applications for our product that will deliver maximum financial reward and least risk?

Benefits for your organisation

Benefits include:

  • Receiving novel insights and innovative ideas for specific issues relevant to your organisation
  • Establishing and growing ongoing collaborations with the University of Newcastle
  • Increased awareness of the transferable skills that PhD candidates and graduates can bring to research end-users

What is required to participate?

  • Identify an issue that your organisation would like researched
  • Present the issue to the PhD team and participate in a question and answer session
  • Attend the PhD team’s project presentation and provide verbal and written feedback
  • Complete an online evaluation of the project

Register your interest

Please complete the Expression of Interest to register your interest and UON Graduate Research will be in touch.