Selection procedures

Scope of Procedures

The following scholarship selection and offer procedures relate to the award of :

  • an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA),
  • an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS),
  • a University of Newcastle International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (UNIPRS) and
  • a University of Newcastle Research Scholarship Central (UNRSC) research scholarship.

The selection and offer of a University of Newcastle Research Scholarship External (UNRSE), which is externally funded through research grants, is normally at the discretion of the Faculty providing the funding.

Selection Procedures

Scholarships are awarded to eligible applicants on the basis of academic merit and through a highly competitive process. The award of research scholarships may also take into account areas of research strength or areas of research in line with the strategic directions of the University. The research scholarship criteria for all Faculties will have the common components of academic achievement and research attainments (relative to opportunity).

Applicants may elect to be considered in more than one discipline area. A separate application must be lodged for each discipline, and each will be considered separately within the relevant Faculty. An offer of admission to candidature and/or offer of scholarship in one discipline may not be transferable to another.

Where a successful applicant has already completed part of a research degree, they will only be entitled to a reduced period of scholarship support.

Domestic applicants who have completed more than two full-time equivalent semesters towards a research Master's or more than four full-time equivalent semesters towards a PhD at the commencement of the following academic year are ineligible for the award of a scholarship.


First round scholarship offers will be emailed and sent to the applicant's correspondence address in December. As offers will lapse if not accepted within 14 days ,it is important that applicants arrange to collect mail addressed to them.

Successful scholarship candidates wishing to defer their commencement to Semester 2, of the offer year should discuss this with their supervisor. Scholarships cannot be deferred to the following year.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must have an offer of admission to a PhD or Research Masters degree and must.have completed at least four years of undergraduate study and have attained Honours Class 1 or equivalent.

Applicants whose qualifications have been obtained in a non-English speaking country must submit evidence by the closing date of attaining the required level of English proficiency for research degree studies. For details on current requirements, please refer to the English Language Proficiency Policy.

Note that applicants are not eligible for:

  • Scholarship support for a research Master's degree if they already hold an Australian research Master's degree or equivalent.
  • An APA or IPRS scholarship if they already hold a PhD, doctoral degree or equivalent.
  • An APA if they have previously held any Australian Government funded award for six months or more.
  • A UNRSC if they have previously held an equivalent scholarship for twelve months or more, for the same award.
  • An IPRS if they have already commenced a PhD or Research Masters in Australia and were previously considered for an IPRS.
  • Have completed more than one year of a Master of Philosophy or more than two years of a Doctor of Philosophy at the end of this year.

Policy on Research Scholarships

The University's procedures and guidelines on the allocation and award of research scholarships are available here.

Scholarship Appeals Procedure

Applicants for research scholarships whose applications have been unsuccessful may lodge an appeal against the outcome. Appeals will only be considered on process issues, and not against evaluations in the assessment of equivalent Honours status or the decisions of the Faculty or any committee in relation to the scoring process.