NHMRC Funding Commencing in 2018

University of Newcastle as lead institution

APP ID Chief Investigator Scheme Name Project Title Recommended Budget
1137995Prof Philip HansbroProject GrantElucidating the role and potential for therapeutic targeting of TLR7 in emphysema and COPD$925,780
1138004Prof Philip HansbroProject GrantDefining the roles and targeting interferon-epsilon as a new therapy for influenza in asthma and COPD$905,904
1138402Dr Chantal DonovanProject GrantTargeting remodelling in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic asthma and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis(IPF)$386,634
1139125Prof Amanda BakerProject GrantQuitlink: Accessible smoking cessation support for people living with severe and enduring mental illness$1,141,189
1142861A/Prof Rohan WalkerProject GrantMicroglial paralysis in post-stroke neurodegeneration: help or hindrance?$512,351
1142862A/Prof Rohan WalkerProject GrantStroke induced disturbances in glymphatic clearance: implications for brain repair?$491,688
1143614Dr Heather LeeProject GrantTargeting cancer-initiating cells with DNA methyltransferase inhibitors: single-cell analysis to decipher molecular mechanisms and improve efficacy.$175,000
1144638A/Prof Brett GrahamProject GrantExcitatory interneurons: a sensory amplifier for pathological pain$649,848
1145332A/Prof Christopher GraingeProject GrantHow does bronchoconstriction worsen asthma?$1,064,747
1145998Dr Kirsty PringleProject GrantMaternal Recognition of Fetal Sex in the Regulation of Labour$455,821
1146524Dr Gerard KaikoProject GrantFunctional characterisation of novel metabolites in asthma and identification of new biomarkers$818,464
1147207A/Prof Christopher DayasProject GrantCognitive inflexibility and the development of pathological habits in brain diseases$871,742
1147271Prof Xu Dong ZhangProject GrantRole of lncRNA IDH1-AS1 in regulating c-Myc driven-glycolysis and tumorigenesis$675,585
1147533A/Prof Joerg LehmannProject GrantFirst ever system to continuously and directly measure the internal anatomy to guide breast cancer radiation treatment under deep inspiration breath hold$404,109
1147644A/Prof Murray CairnsProject GrantComplete genomics for mechanistic insight and precision treatments of schizophrenia$1,133,341
1147894A/Prof Murray CairnsProject GrantNetwork biomarkers of traumatic stress resilience and sensitivity$638,407
1147932Prof Brett NixonProject GrantElucidating the role of epididymosomes in the transfer of fertility-modulating proteins and regulatory classes of RNA to maturing spermatozoa$531,978
1150165A/Prof Gillian GouldTranslating Research into Practice (TRIP) FellowshipTranslating evidence based smoking cessation care for pregnant Indigenous smokers$179,118
1150661Mrs Rachel SutherlandTranslating Research into Practice (TRIP) FellowshipA randomised trial of an intervention to facilitate the implementation of evidence based secondary school physical activity practices.$179,118
1150476Dr Melaine KingslandTranslating Research into Practice (TRIP) FellowshipImproving the implementation of screening, brief advice and referral for alcohol use by pregnant women attending public antenatal clinics$179,118
1141606A/Prof Mitch DuncanCareer Development FellowshipEnhancing understanding of the combined influence of physical activity and sleep as CVD risk factors$476,728
1135901Prof Amanda BakerResearch Fellowship‘Equally Well’: Addressing Comorbid Physical, Mental, and Substance Use Disorders with Psychological Interventions$715,210
1136064Prof Chris LeviPractitioner FellowshipDiscovery to therapy implementation in acute stroke$577,189
1150636Dr Michael PotterPostgraduate ScholarshipThe role of wheat proteins in dyspepsia$87,956