The University of Newcastle, Australia

NHMRC Success

NHMRC Funding Commencing in 2020

APP ID Chief Investigator Scheme Name Project Title Recommended Budget
1197131Professor Frances Kay-LambkinInvestigator GrantTransforming treatment for mental health and substance use disorders: Leveraging technology to bridge the evidence-practice gap$2,090,576.00
1197022Associate Professor Luke WolfendenInvestigator GrantTransforming approaches to chronic disease prevention in community settings$2,738,220.00
1196514Dr Kelvin KongInvestigator GrantImproving Aboriginal Children's Access to Better Ear and Hearing Health through Telehealth ENT$1,123,450.00
1180782Doctor Heather LeeIdeas GrantProbing Epigenetic Clonal Evolution in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.$546,800.00
1181024Doctor Tessa LordIdeas GrantInvestigating the role of hypoxic niche microenvironments and hypoxia-induced transcription factors in regulating spermatogonial stem cell function$559,753.00
1181825Professor Hubert HondermarckIdeas GrantThe perineural niche to predict the development of bone metastases in prostate cancer$372,612.00
1182153Doctor Daniel BeardIdeas GrantShear-activated nanotherapeutics to selectively enhance collateral cerebral blood flow during ischaemic stroke$462,635.00
1182379Associate Professor Susan HuaIdeas GrantDevelopment of Improved Treatments for Oesophageal Diseases$564,008.00
1182948Associate Professor Mark BakerIdeas GrantHeat-shock induced alternative splicing and its role in oligoasthenoteratozoospermia$673,293.00
1184974Associate Professor Brett GrahamIdeas GrantProjection neuron axon collaterals in the dorsal horn: the missing link in spinal pain processing?$500,185.00
1188181Professor Alan BrichtaIdeas GrantThe Efferent Vestibular System as a new target to treat balance disorders and motion sickness$637,703.00
1188400Doctor Nicole VerrillsIdeas GrantTargeting DNA-PK in acute myeloid leukaemia$741,610.00
1188493Professor Murray CairnsIdeas GrantDysregulation of the RNA regulatory matrix in schizophrenia$982,622.00
1186216Doctor Gerard KaikoTargeted Call for Research - Per- and Poly-Fluoroalkylated Substances (PFAS)Using advanced technologies to investigate the impact of PFAS exposure on the human mucosal barrier and interaction with pre-existing medical conditions$910,060.00
1189415Professor Brett NixonTargeted Call for Research - Per- and Poly-Fluoroalkylated Substances (PFAS)Utilising male fertility as a biomarker of health to understand the biological effects of PFAS$1,301,122.00
1178993Associate Professor Kym RaeTargeted Call for Research into Nutrition in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PeopleWinanga-li: Indigenous worldview's incorporated into m-health approaches for Indigenous women and children$1,127,874.50
1173252 Laureate Professor Nick Talley Investigator Grant Immune-microbiota interactions in functional gastrointestinal disorders: understanding pathogenesis for improved diagnosis and targeted treatment. $3,000,000
1173681 Associate Professor Tracy Burrows Investigator Grant Better Treatments for addictive and compulsive overeating behaviours $1,554,485
1173892 Doctor Matt Dun Investigator Grant Mechanistic and translational studies to improve the outcomes of high-risk paediatric cancers $627,250
1177087 Doctor Lei Jin Investigator Grant Insight of the regulatory roles of pan-cancer deregulated lncRNAs in cancer cell adaptation to cellular stress $1,399,339
1177226 Doctor Christopher Williams Investigator Grant Advancing integration of care for musculoskeletal conditions and chronic disease risks $1,515,540

NHMRC Funding Commencing in 2019

APP ID Chief Investigator Scheme Name Project Title Recommended Budget
1156997 Doctor Geoffry De Iuliis Project Grant Utilising the male germline to define our understanding of the biological effects of radio frequency electromagnetic energy $425,394
1156898 Doctor Malcolm Starkey Project Grant Understanding how group 2 innate lymphoid cells in early-life regulate postnatal lung development and susceptibility to chronic respiratory diseases $501,022
1156589 Conjoint Professor Peter Wark Project Grant Development of new therapies for COPD $886,503.60
1158344 Professor Lee Smith Project Grant The Importance of Classical Versus Backdoor Androgen Production Pathways in Masculinisation, Fertility and Lifelong Male Health $507,127
1159616 Doctor Yogavijayan Kandasamy Project Grant The Relationship between Maternal Health and Infant Renal Development and Function $1,552,841.60
1160245 Professor Billie Bonevski Project Grant A trial of vaporised nicotine products for smoking cessation following discharge from drug and alcohol residential withdrawal services $1,833,513.20
1161957 Associate Professor Kirsty Pringle Project Grant Factors regulating maternal levels of soluble (pro)renin receptor and its role in the pathogenesis of preeclampsia $578,527.80
1161981 Professor Jon Hirst Project Grant Replacement therapies for improving outcome following preterm birth $892,047
1162515 Professor Adam McCluskey Project Grant Dynamin modulators for reversing immunotherapy resistance in head and neck cancer $1,493,752
1162684 Doctor Jonathan Paul Project Grant Uterine-Targeted Delivery of Dual Action Therapy for Preventing Preterm Birth $461,472.80
1162753 Professor Xu Dong Zhang Project Grant Role of lncRNA glycoLINC in coordinating the Warburg effect and serine metabolism $702,521
1163319 Professor Brett Nixon Project Grant Targeted disruption of lipoxygenase enzymes to prevent oxidative stress-mediated pathologies in the male germline $572,393.60
1165487 Laureate Professor Paul Foster Project Grant Modelling the role of innate immune cells in exacerbation of asthma $1,266,560
1165679 Professor Chris Dayas Project Grant A novel pathways linking stress with mood disorders $751,653
1159094 Associate Professor Pradeep Tanwar Career Development Fellowships Translational Research Program in Gynaecological Cancers $483,404
1162666 Doctor Gerard Kaiko Career Development Fellowships Investigation of the role of novel cell types and metabolites in the pathogenesis of asthma $437,036
1153479 Associate Professor Luke Wolfenden Centres of Research Excellence (CRE) - Centres of Population Health Research Excellence NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Implementation for Community Chronic Disease Prevention. $2,497,647.70
1170893 Laureate Professor Nick Talley Centres of Research Excellence (CRE) - Centres of Clinical Research Excellence Centre for Research Excellence in Digestive Health
1158670 Doctor Michelle Bovill Early Career Fellowships Non-pharmacological strategies for smoking cessation during pregnancy with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women $338,192
1160419 Doctor Rebecca Hodder Early Career Fellowships Improving the translation of school-based interventions targeting health risk behaviours for chronic disease $327,192
1159582 Dr Caitlin Gillis Early Career Fellowships Apoptotic cell clearance: from basic biology to new therapeutic strategies for chronic respiratory disease $417,192
1169324 Professor Christine Paul Partnership Projects Improving outcomes for cancer patients who smoke: The Care to Quit stepped wedge randomised trial to implement best-practice cessation care in cancer centres $1,408,506.30
1169822 Doctor Steve Smith Partnership Projects Testing the impact of an Interactive Health Communication Application on days alive out of hospital and quality of life following surgery for colorectal cancer $298,835.44
1170042 Doctor Serene Yoong Partnership Projects A randomised trial of a multi-component implementation intervention to support childcare services with scheduling opportunities for outdoor free play consistent with sector guidelines $941,274.50
1170181 Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin Partnership Projects The eCliPSE Project: implementing evidence-based eHealth interventions for comorbid mental health and alcohol/other drug use problems into health and community settings $196,973.70
1155810 Conjoint Professor Peter Gibson Practitioner Fellowships Targeted treatment to reduce asthma prevalence and the impact of severe asthma $585,270
1154503 Professor Geoff Isbister Research Fellowship Improving Health Outcomes for Envenoming and Poisoning: Studies of Risk Assessment and Interventions $792,275
1154507 Professor David Lubans Research Fellowship Optimising the adoption and implementation of evidence-based physical activity interventions in schools $724,175
1154837 Professor Brett Nixon Research Fellowship Mechanistic and translational studies in male reproductive health $649,175
1170385 Laureate Professor Robert Sanson-Fisher Targeted Call for Research into Healthy Ageing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Improving implementation of Health Assessments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients in mainstream general practice: a cluster randomised controlled trial $745,056.50

NHMRC Funding Commencing in 2018

APP ID Chief Investigator Scheme Name Project Title Recommended Budget
1137995Prof Philip HansbroProject GrantElucidating the role and potential for therapeutic targeting of TLR7 in emphysema and COPD$925,780
1138004Prof Philip HansbroProject GrantDefining the roles and targeting interferon-epsilon as a new therapy for influenza in asthma and COPD$905,904
1138402Dr Chantal DonovanProject GrantTargeting remodelling in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic asthma and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis(IPF)$386,634
1139125Prof Amanda BakerProject GrantQuitlink: Accessible smoking cessation support for people living with severe and enduring mental illness$1,141,189
1142861A/Prof Rohan WalkerProject GrantMicroglial paralysis in post-stroke neurodegeneration: help or hindrance?$512,351
1142862A/Prof Rohan WalkerProject GrantStroke induced disturbances in glymphatic clearance: implications for brain repair?$491,688
1143614Dr Heather LeeProject GrantTargeting cancer-initiating cells with DNA methyltransferase inhibitors: single-cell analysis to decipher molecular mechanisms and improve efficacy.$175,000
1144638A/Prof Brett GrahamProject GrantExcitatory interneurons: a sensory amplifier for pathological pain$649,848
1145332A/Prof Christopher GraingeProject GrantHow does bronchoconstriction worsen asthma?$1,064,747
1145998Dr Kirsty PringleProject GrantMaternal Recognition of Fetal Sex in the Regulation of Labour$455,821
1146524Dr Gerard KaikoProject GrantFunctional characterisation of novel metabolites in asthma and identification of new biomarkers$818,464
1147207A/Prof Christopher DayasProject GrantCognitive inflexibility and the development of pathological habits in brain diseases$871,742
1147271Prof Xu Dong ZhangProject GrantRole of lncRNA IDH1-AS1 in regulating c-Myc driven-glycolysis and tumorigenesis$675,585
1147533A/Prof Joerg LehmannProject GrantFirst ever system to continuously and directly measure the internal anatomy to guide breast cancer radiation treatment under deep inspiration breath hold$404,109
1147644A/Prof Murray CairnsProject GrantComplete genomics for mechanistic insight and precision treatments of schizophrenia$1,133,341
1147894A/Prof Murray CairnsProject GrantNetwork biomarkers of traumatic stress resilience and sensitivity$638,407
1147932Prof Brett NixonProject GrantElucidating the role of epididymosomes in the transfer of fertility-modulating proteins and regulatory classes of RNA to maturing spermatozoa$531,978
1150165A/Prof Gillian GouldTranslating Research into Practice (TRIP) FellowshipTranslating evidence based smoking cessation care for pregnant Indigenous smokers$179,118
1150661Mrs Rachel SutherlandTranslating Research into Practice (TRIP) FellowshipA randomised trial of an intervention to facilitate the implementation of evidence based secondary school physical activity practices.$179,118
1150476Dr Melaine KingslandTranslating Research into Practice (TRIP) FellowshipImproving the implementation of screening, brief advice and referral for alcohol use by pregnant women attending public antenatal clinics$179,118
1141606A/Prof Mitch DuncanCareer Development FellowshipEnhancing understanding of the combined influence of physical activity and sleep as CVD risk factors$476,728
1135901Prof Amanda BakerResearch Fellowship‘Equally Well’: Addressing Comorbid Physical, Mental, and Substance Use Disorders with Psychological Interventions$715,210
1136064Prof Chris LeviPractitioner FellowshipDiscovery to therapy implementation in acute stroke$577,189
1150636Dr Michael PotterPostgraduate ScholarshipThe role of wheat proteins in dyspepsia$87,956