ARC Funding Commencing in 2018

University of Newcastle as lead institution

Project ID

Chief Investigator

Scheme Name

Project Title

Recommended Budget

Announced November 2017
DE180100894 Dr Zamira Gibb Discovery Early Career Researcher Award 2018 Molecular mechanisms of equine fertility and early recognition of pregnancy $365,058
DP180100285 Laureate Professor Jennifer Gore Discovery Projects 2018 Investigating the efficacy, complexity and sustainability of teacher change $567,574
DP180101781 Professor Adam McCluskey Discovery Projects 2018 Micro-dissection of clathrins role in mitosis via chemical biology probes $802,912
DP180102064 Professor Daniel Nyberg Discovery Projects 2018 Low carbon transition in the Australian energy sector $184,426
DP180102334 Professor Mark Stewart Discovery Projects 2018 Stochastic Hazard Assessment of Unreinforced Masonry Wall Systems $473,315
DP180102421 Professor Christopher Grof Discovery Projects 2018 Identification of novel plant transporters responsible for sucrose efflux $353,664
DP180102522 Associate Professor Anthony Kiem Discovery Projects 2018 Flooding in Australia - are we properly prepared for how bad it can get? $333,267
DP180103026 Professor Steven Weller Discovery Projects 2018 Uncertainty in the social cost of carbon dioxide: control theoretic methods $357,999
DP180103497 Doctor George Kouretzis Discovery Projects 2018 Large-scale geotechnical analysis of new and aged pipeline infrastructure $365,812
DP180103613 Doctor Guy Hawkins Discovery Projects 2018 The value of time during decisions $327,019
DP180100448 Professor Allyson Holbrook Discovery Projects 2018 Doctoral examiner feedback and its impact on doctoral outcomes $163,460
DP180100452 Professor Julie Byles Discovery Projects 2018 Beyond successful ageing: Longevity - healthy ageing among Australian women $236,310
DP180100606 Professor Sarah Johnson Discovery Projects 2018 Communications strategies for the internet of things $433,122
DP180101617 Laureate Professor Kevin Galvin Discovery Projects 2018 Hydrophobic Particle Recovery using Permeable Hydrophobic Media $445,320
DP180103748 Professor Daichao Sheng Discovery Projects 2018 Quantitative Risk Assessment of Unsaturated Soil Slopes $400,901
DP180103834 Professor Yong-Ling Ruan Discovery Projects 2018 Improving plant reproductive success under heat stress: A sweet approach $412,121
DP180103971 Professor Geoffrey Evans Discovery Projects 2018 Tuneable energy dissipation for optimal flotation recovery $488,418
Announced June 2017
FL170100032 Professor George Willis Australian Laureate Fellowship Zero-dimensional symmetry and its ramifications $2,837,520
FT170100460 Dr Michael Rotkowitz Future Fellowship Decentralisation and robustness for practical control of complex systems. $780,000
FT170100077 Dr Nicole Verrills Future Fellowship Novel models to advance our understanding of mammalian development. $928,140
Announced November 2016


Dr Guy Hawkins


Cognitive models of mental architectures in consumer preference



Dr Mariano Heyden


A global analysis of the effectiveness of corporate board diversity quotas



Dr Amir Salehipour


Exact and hybrid algorithms for the Aircraft Landing Problem



Dr Kalpit Shah


A Novel Chemical Looping Process For Carbon Fiber Production From Plastics



Dr Malcolm Starkey


Understanding how innate lymphoid cells regulate mammalian lung development



Dr Sze Lin Yoong


Theory-based implementation of nutrition guidelines into childcare settings



Professor Paul Dastoor

Discovery Project

Phonon based condensed matter imaging



Professor Frini Karayanidis

Discovery Project

Modelling trajectories of cognitive control in adolescents and young adults



Professor Robert Melchers

Discovery Project

Microbiological and abiotic marine corrosion of steel in particulate media



Professor Graeme Murch

Discovery Project

Investigation of Mass Transport in High Entropy Alloys



Professor Rosalind Smith

Discovery Project

Early Modern Women and the Poetry of Complaint, 1540-1660



Professor Erica Wanless

Discovery Project

Electrostatic Formation of Liquid Marbles



Associate Professor Christopher Wensrich

Discovery Project

Bragg-Edge Neutron Transmission Strain Tomography



Dr Yuen Yong

Discovery Project

Novel Microcantilevers for Multifrequency Atomic Force Microscopy



Associate Professor Sarah Wright

Future Fellowship

Weather cultures: Enhancing adaptive capacity to environmental change