Research opportunities for schools

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What teachers say about QTR

Recruiting now for two studies

1. Impact of QTR on student outcomes (2020)

Eligible schools: NSW primary and central schools, with four teachers willing to participate (at least one of whom is on Stage 2 and new to QTR), can include networks of schools.

Funding for teacher release: $10K-$20K depending on random group allocation.

2. Impact of QTR digital (2020) – supporting small and remote schools

Conducted entirely online, the successfully pilot tested QTR Digital connects teachers from any location in Australia to participate in QTR.

Eligible schools: Small schools (less than 8 teachers) or rural/remote schools, with one or two teachers willing to participate (Stages 2 – 5 and must be new to QTR), stable internet required.

Funding for teacher release: $3K per teacher