Aspirations Longitudinal Study

Information for Schools

We're inviting about 9,000 students from some 86 public schools to participate for four years. The first student cohorts were in Years 3, 5 ,7 and 9 in 2012. During the four years of the study, some students will transition from primary to secondary schooling, whilst in the final year others will be on the verge of transitioning out of schooling and into further education and work.

Each year, all students in the participating year groups will be asked to complete an online questionnaire during class time. The research team has developed lesson plans to assist teachers incorporate the questionnaires into their classes. Feedback from the teachers indicates this is a useful way of discussing research processes, and encouraging students to think about their future education and career plans.

We'll also invite teachers to respond to yearly online questionnaires. We'll invite small groups of students and teachers to take part in focus groups and/or interviews in 2013 and 2015.

Research liaison in your school

Each school has appointed a teacher to act as an Aspirations Research Liaison Officer or ARLO for short. The ARLO will arrange the research activities in their school, so teachers with any enquiries should contact their school's ARLO in the first instance. For your school's ARLO, please see the information posters displayed in the staff common rooms at your school.

Further information

Please see the downloads section for information statements, lesson plans and other useful resources.