Centre for the Study of Research Training and Impact

Adaptive Knowledge Production

Educational Research Institute Newcastle (ERIN) Program of Research

Summary and significance of program

Universities are a critical element in the nation's knowledge infrastructure through knowledge production and professional development in what is now recognised as a context of uncertainty and rapid change. This program foregrounds knowledge production and seeks to examine to what extent educational conditions and processes, including their assessment and evaluation, build capacity to approach knowledge adaptively. We advance that the latter is both an education phenomenon to be understood and a goal to be articulated. In linked projects across four areas: Research Training, Higher Education, Professionalism and Cultural Variation the program explores the nature, development and expression of Adaptive Knowledge Production (AKP).

For further details, see the AKP Program document

Project Team

AKP CIs Cantwell, Holbrook & Bourke

Program Leader:

Prof Allyson Holbrook

Chief Investigators, Faculty of Education & Arts:  Prof Sid Bourke; Prof John O'Connor; A/Prof Shen Chen ; Dr Robert Cantwell; Dr Kathryn Holmes; Dr Margaret Kiley; Dr Eva Petersen ; Dr Jill Scevak ; Dr Kathleen Butler

Associate Investigators: Dr. Krystyna Cholowski (School of Nursing & Midwifery); Prof. Bruce Dunphy (Conjoint Professor, Faculty of Education & Arts, Monash IVF); Ms Daniella Forster (School of Education); Dr. Kathryn Grushka (School of Education); Ms Suzanne MacQueen (School of Education); Dr Neil Morpeth (English Language & Foundation Studies Centre); A/Prof. David Palmer (School of Education); Prof. Brian Paltridge (Faculty of Education & Social Work, Professor of TESOL, University of Sydney);Prof Stephen Crump;

Mr Greg Preston (School of Education); Dr. Ruth Reynolds (School of Education); A/Prof. Sue Starfield (Learning Centre Director, University of New South Wales);  A/Prof. Richard Walker (Faculty of Education & Social Work, University of Sydney); Prof Gina Wisker (Centre for Teaching and Learning, Brighton University, UK)


All publications stemming from this programme of research are listed on the SORTI Publications pages.