Research Group

Nutrition, Food and Health

Research into nutrition, food and health at the University of Newcastle's Ourimbah Campus makes a significant contribution to the Faculty of Science research portfolio. The scope of research encompasses both novel and traditional areas of food, nutrition and biologically active natural products.

Scientists work as a cohesive and focused research entity composed of productive researchers who have a broad range of interests, which include:

  • Molecular Nutrition/Nutritional Genetics
    Nutrition at Ourimbah takes an integrated approach to problem solving in recognition of advances in molecular biology that can help to explain how nutrients and genes conspire to influence human health.
  • Functional Foods/Food Chemistry
    Another key strategy is to better understand functional food bioactives and how they impact on human health. This includes folic acid, green tea catechins and probiotics
  • Food Processing and Post-Harvest Technology
    Food processing and post-harvest technology including the role of nitric oxide in post-harvest plant preservation.
  • Herbal Therapies/Xenobiotics
    A number of projects have resulted in a series of recommendations for the herb industry regarding quality control of herbal products. 

Group members:

E/Prof Ron Wills
A/Prof Mark Lucock
A/Prof Minh Nguyen
A/Prof Martin Veysey
Dr John Golding
Dr Paul Roach
Dr Costas Stathopoulos
Dr Quan Vuong
Dr Zoe Yates