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Lady with ayah

News • 14 Aug 2020

Research uncovers the historical experiences of the earliest global domestic workers

A new research project will bring to life the experiences and histories of the world’s first travelling global domestic workers, the Indian Ayahs and the Chinese Amahs who were employed by colonial families during the period of British colonialism.

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News • 2 Jul 2020

Captain Cook and COVID

This year Australia was set to observe the 250th anniversary of Cook and the arrival of the Endeavour in 1770 but the pandemic has disrupted this anniversary moment.

Purai Global Indigenous History Centre

News • 30 Apr 2020

Moving towards a more balanced understanding of Australian history

The multitude of Aboriginal oral memories about Captain James Cook.

News • 9 Dec 2019

Discovery Project grant success for Centre for 21st Century Humanities researchers

Centre for 21st Century Humanities members Professor Victoria Haskins and Associate Professor Bill Palmer have both been awarded ARC Discovery Project grants.

Professor John Maynard

News • 3 Sep 2019

Professor John Maynard to deliver Annual History Week Lecture

Professor John Maynard of Indigenous Education and Research has been selected to deliver the prestigious Annual History Lecture – an event produced by the History Council of New South Wales as part of this year’s History Week.

Authors of Colonialism and Male Domestic service

News • 4 Mar 2019

New historical book reveals the cultural influence of ‘houseboys’ in the Asia Pacific

A new book co-authored by Centre for 21st Century Humanities Director, Professor Victoria Haskins, examines the role of Asian and Indigenous male servants across the Asia Pacific from the late-nineteenth century to the 1930s.

News • 31 May 2018

Reconciliation Week 2018 - Don't keep history a mystery!

by Professor Victoria Haskins, School of Humanities and Social Science (History)National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is embedded in history. The start date, 27 May, marks the anniversary of the famous 1967 Referendum when an overwhelming yes vote overturned the exclusion of Indigenous Australians in the national census: a powerful symbolic moment in Australian history as a statement of the desires and hopes of all Australians for an inclusive and just society. The week’s end date, 3 June, marks another day of great significance, being the date of the landmark High Court decision of 1992 in the case Mabo v Queensland, overturning the “legal fiction” of terra nullius.

News • 5 Mar 2018

Haskins Birkbeck fellowship spawns international collaborations

A successful fellowship to London inspires an MOU with Birkbeck.

News • 29 Aug 2017

Professor Haskins to take up Visiting Fellowship at Birkbeck

Member of the Centre for 21st Century Humanities and Co-Director of Purai Global Indigenous and Diaspora Research Studies Centre, Professor Victoria Haskins has been successful in an application for a Visiting Research Fellowship position at the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities.

News • 26 Apr 2017

UON researcher to reflect on 1967 referendum

Professor John Maynard will sit on a panel at the National Museum of Australia, as part of the new exhibition ‘A Change is Gonna Come’, to reflect on the 1967 referendum.

Remarkable advocate for the Yurok tribe, Ruth Kellett Roberts

News • 6 Apr 2017

UON researcher presents at University of California

Professor Victoria Haskins, Co-director of Purai Global Indigenous and Diaspora Research Studies Centre and a member of the Centre for 21st Century Humanities, recently presented a paper at the University of California, which drew on her latest research into Native American women in the 1920-30s.

Associate Professor Graham Brewer, Professor Caroline McMillen, Councillor Michael Osbourne and Councillor Declan Clausen

News • 1 Nov 2016

Rethinking future urban development at United Nations conference

The University of Newcastle’s (UON) Vice-Chancellor, Professor Caroline McMillen, and CIFAL Newcastle Director, Associate Professor Graham Brewer, attended the United Nations (UN) Habitat III Conference held in Ecuador last week to discuss the role universities will play in shaping sustainable development in cities around the world.