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Dr Thomas Fiedler

Selected publications are available for download in PDF format below.

Journal Papers

  1. T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, J. Grácio, G. Kuhn, 'Structure Modelling of the mechanical behaviour of regular shaped cellular solids: open-cell structures', Mechanics of Composite Materials, 41 405-222 (2005) (PDF 1.51MB)
  2. T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, J. Grácio, 'The uniaxial strain test - a simple method for the characterisation of porous materials', Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 22 (2006)(PDF 992k)
  3. T. Fiedler, E. Pesetskaya, A. Öchsner, J. Grácio, 'Numerical and analytical calculation of the orthotropic heat transfer properties of fibre-reinforced materials', Material Science and Engineering Technology, 36 (2005) (PDF 460k)
  4. T. Fiedler, E. Pesetskaya, A. Öchsner, J. Grácio, 'Calculations of the Thermal Conductivity of Porous Materials', Materials Science Forum, 514 754-758 (2006)
  5. A. Öchsner, T. Fiedler, J. Grácio, G. Kuhn, 'Experimental Techniques for the Investigation of the Elasto-Plastic Transition Zone of Foamed Materials', Advanced Engineering Materials, 8 884-889 (2006) (PDF 467k)
  6. T. Fiedler, B. Sturm, A. Öchsner, J. Grácio, G. Kuhn, 'Modelling the mechanical Behaviour of Ahdesively Bonded and Sintered Hollow-Sphere Structures', Mechanics of Composite Materials, 42 559-570 (2006)
  7. T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner and J. Grácio, 'Numerical Investigations on the Mechanical Properties of Adhesively Bonded Hollow Sphere Structures', Journal of Composite Materials, accepted for publication. (PDF 2.49MB)
  8. T. Fiedler, G. Bingel, A. Öchsner, G. Kuhn, Numerische Analyse des Leichtbaupotenzials von metallischen Hohlkugelstrukturen', Konstruktion, 1/2 67-71 (2007) (PDF 992k)
  9. T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner and J. Grácio, 'Uniaxial Elasto-Plastic Behaviour of Adhesively Bonded Hollow Sphere Structures (HSS): Numerical Simulations and Experiments, Materials Science Forum, 539-543 1874-1879 (2007)
  10. T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, N. Muthubandara, I.V. Belova, G.E. Murch, 'Calculation of the Effective Thermal Conductivity in Composites Using Finite Element and Monte Carlo Methods, Materials Science Forum, 553 51-56 (2007)
  11. T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, On the thermal conductivity of adhesively bonded and sintered hollow sphere structures (HSS), Materials Science Forum, 553 39-44 (2007)T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, 'Influence of the morphology of joining on the heat transfer properties of periodic metal hollow-sphere-structure', Materials Science Forum, 553 45-50 (2007)
  12. E. Pesetskaya, T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, 'Two Different Approaches for the Effective Conductivity Investigation of 2D Porous Materials with Temperature Dependent Material Properties', Materials Science Forum, 553 118-123 (2007)
  13. T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, I.V. Belova, G.E. Murch, 'Calculations of the effective thermal conductivity in a model of syntactic metallic hollow sphere structures using a Lattice Monte Carlo method', Defect and Diffusion Forum, 273-276 216-221 (2008) (PDF 195K)
  14. T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, I.V. Belova, G.E. Murch, 'Thermal conductivity enhancement of compact heat sinks using cellular metals', Defect and Diffusion Forum, 273-276 222-226 (2008)
  15. T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, 'Experimental analysis of the flexural properties of sandwich panels with cellular core materials', Materials Science and Engineering Technology, 39 (2008)
  16. T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, I.V. Belova, G.E. Murch, 'Recent Advances in the Prediction of the Thermal Properties of Syntactic Metallic Hollow Sphere Structures', Advanced Engineering Materials, accepted for publication.
  17. T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, 'On the Anisotropy of Adhesively Bonded Metallic Hollow Sphere Structures', Scripta Materialia, 58 695-698 (2008)
  18. T. Fiedler, E. Solórzano, A. Öchsner, 'Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Thermal Conductivity of Metallic Hollow Sphere Structures', Materials Letters, 62 1204-1207 (2008)
  19. T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, 'Finite element analysis of the temperature dependent conductivity of metallic hollow sphere structures', The International Journal of Multiphysics, 283-289 (2007)
  20. I.V. Belova, G.E. Murch, T. Fiedler, A. Öchsner, 'The Lattice Monte Carlo Method for Solving Phenomenological Mass and Heat Transport Problems', Diffusion Fundamentals, online (2007)
  21. M. Vesenjak, T. Fiedler, Z. Ren, A. Öchsner, 'Behaviour of Syntactic and Partial Hollow Sphere Structures under Dynamic Loading', Advanced Engineering Materials, 10 185-191 (2008)
  22. Fiedler T, Kim HS, Belova IV, Sloan SW, Murch GE, Ochsner A (2010) Elastic finite element analysis on cross-sections of random hollow sphere structures. Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik, 41(5), 250-256. (PDF 1.5MB)

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