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Dr Shanyong Wang

Selected publications are available for download in PDF format below.

Journal Papers

  1. Zhu WC, Tang CA, Wang SY (2005) Numerical study on the influence of mesomechanical properties on macroscopic failure of concrete. Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 19(5), 519-533. (PDF 4.4MB)
  2. Yang TH, Tham LG, Wang SY, Zhu WC (2005) Micromechanical model for simulating hydraulic fractures of rock. Advanced Materials Research, 9: 127-136. (PDF 368KB)
  3. Wang SY, Lam KC, Au SK, Tang CA, Zhu WC, Yang TH (2006) Analytical and numerical study on the pillar rockbursts mechanism, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 39(5), 445-467. (PDF 580KB)
  4. Wang SY, Chan D, Lam KC (2009) Experimental study of the effect of fines content on dynamic compaction grouting in completely decomposed granite of Hong Kong. Construction and Building Materials, 23(3), 1249-1264. (PDF 496KB)
  5. Wang SY, Sun L, Au ASK, Yang TH, Tang CA (2009). 2D-numerical analysis of hydraulic fracturing in heterogeneous geo-materials. Construction and Building Materials, 23(6), 2196-2206.(PDF 1.6MB)
  6. Wang SY, Chan D, Lam KC, Au SKA (2010). Effect of lateral earth pressure coefficient on pressure controlled compaction grouting in triaxial condition. Soils and Foundations, 50(3): 441-445. (PDF 492KB)
  7. Wang SY, Chan D, Lam KC, Au SKA (2010). Numerical and experimental study of pressure controlled cavity expansion in the soils of Hong Kong Completely Decomposed Granite Soils. Computers and Geotechnics, 37:977-990. (PDF 1.4MB)
  8. Jiang AN, Wang SY, Tang SL (2010). Feedback analysis of tunnel construction using a hybrid arithmetic based on Support Vector Machine and Particle Swarm Optimization. Automation in Construction. (In press).(PDF 1.3MB)
  9. Wang SY, Chan D, Lam KC, Au SKA (2011). Laboratory study of static and dynamic compaction grouting in triaxial condition. Geomechanics and Geoengineering: An International Journal, 6(1):9-19. (PDF 1.1MB)
  10. Wang SY, Sloan SW, Huang ML (2011) Numerical Study of Failure Mechanism of Serial and Parallel Rock Pillars. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 44(2), 179-198. (PDF 2.8MB)
  11. Wang SY, Sloan SW, Liu HY, Tang CA (2011). Numerical simulation of the rock fragmentation process induced by two drill bits subjected to static and dynamic (impact) loading. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 44(3), 317-332. (PDF 2.5MB)
  12. Lu MM, Xie KH, Wang SY (2011) Consolidation of vertical drain with depth-varying stress induced by multi-stage loading. Computers and Geotechnics, 38:1096-1101. (PDF 480KB)
  13. Lu MM, Xie KH, Wang SY, Li CX (2011) Analytical solution for the consolidation of a composite foundation reinforced by an impervious column with an arbitrary stress increment. International Journal of Geomechanics. (In press). (PDF 1.38MB)
  14. Li LC, Tang CA, Wang SY (2011) Numerical investigation on fracture infilling and spacing in layered rocks subjected to hydro-mechanical loading. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. (In press). (PDF 1.19MB)
  15. Liu XL, Wang EZ, Wang SY, Wang SJ (2011) Bonded-particle modeling of fluid-driven fractures in granular materials. Philosophical Transactions A. (In press).
  16. Yang SQ, Yang DS, Jing HW, Li YH, Wang SY (2011) An experimental study of the fracture coalescence behaviour of brittle sandstone samples containing three fissures. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. (In press).(PDF 2.88 MB)
  17. Yang SQ, Jing HW, Wang SY, Pei JL (2011) Experimental study on the strength, deformability, failure behaviour and spatial acoustic emission distribution of red sandstone under triaxial compression. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. (In press).(PDF 2.97MB)
  18. Wang SY, Sloan SW, Sheng DC, Tang CA (2012) Numerical analysis of the failure process around a circular opening in rock. Computers and Geotechnics, 39:8-16. (PDF 2.26MB)
  19. Wang SY, Sloan SW, Abbo AJ, Masia MJ, Tang CA (2012) Numerical simulation of the failure process of unreinforced masonry walls due to concentrated static and dynamic loading, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 49(2):377-394. (PDF 2.94MB)
  20. Liang ZZ, Xing H, Wang SY, Williams DJ, Tang CA (2012) A three-dimensional numerical investigation of fracture of rock specimen containing a pre-existing surface flaw. Computers and Geotechnics, 45:19-33. (PDF 1.58MB)
  21. Li LC, Tang CA, Li G, Wang SY (2012) Numerical simulation of 3D fracture based on improved Flow-Stress-Damage model and parallel FEM technique. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (DOI 10.1007/S00603-012-0252-z). (In press) (PDF 2.01MB)
  22. Wang SY, Sloan SW, Tang CA, Zhu WC (2012). A numerical investigation of the failure mechanism around tunnels in transversely isotropic rock masses. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. (In press)
  23. Wang SY, Chan DH, Lam KC, Au SKA (2012) A new laboratory apparatus for studying dynamic compaction grouting into granular soils, Soils and Foundations (Accepted on 07/15/2012).
  24. Liu XL, Wang SY (2012) Mine water inrush forecasting during the mining under waters. Disaster Advances (In press).
  25. Wang SY, Sun L, Yang C, Yang SQ, Tang CA (2013) Numerical study on static and dynamic fracture evolution around rock cavities. Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. (Accepted at 08/10/2012).
  26. Wang SY, Sloan SW, Fityus SG, Griffiths DV, Tang CA (2013) Numerical modeling of pore pressure influence on fracture evolution in brittle heterogeneous rocks. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. (Accepted on 24-10-2012).
  27. Li LC, Tang CA, Wang SY, Yu J (2013) A coupled thermo-hydrologic-mechanical damage model and associated application in a stability analysis on a rock pillar. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. (Accepted on 31/10/2012).
  28. Li LC, Meng QM, Wang SY, Li G, Tang CA (2013) A numerical investigation of the hydraulic fracturing behaviour of conglomerate in glutenite formation. Acta Geotechnica. (Accepted in January 11, 2013).

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