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Kristian Krabbenhoft

Selected publications are available for download in PDF format below.

Journal Papers

  1. Krabbenhoft K, Damkilde L (2001) Electro-thermal device and circuit simulation with thermal nonlinearity due to temperature dependent diffusivity (comment), Electronics Letters, 37, 1481-1482. (PDF 181KB)
  2. Krabbenhoft K, Damkilde L (2002) Limit analysis of slabs with nonlinear yield criteria, Computers and Structures, 80, 2043-2057. (PDF 311KB)
  3. Krabbenhoft K, Damkilde L (2003) A general nonlinear optimization algorithm for lower bound limit analysis, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 56, 165-184, 2003. (PDF 370KB)
  4. Krabbenhoft K, Damkilde L (2004) Finite element analysis of boron diffusion in wooden poles, Wood and Fiber Science, 36, 573-584. (PDF 1100KB)
  5. Krabbenhoft K, Damkilde L (2004) A model for non-Fickian moisture transfer in wood, Materials and Structures, 37, 615-622. (PDF 639KB)
  6. Krabbenhoft K, Damkilde L (2004) Double porosity models for the description of water infiltration in wood, Wood Science and Technology, 38, 641-659. (PDF 684KB)
  7. Krabbenhoft K, Damkilde L, Krabbenhoft S (2005) Ultimate limit state design of sheet pile walls using finite elements and nonlinear programming, Computers and Structures, 83, 383-393. (PDF 552KB)
  8. Lyamin AV, Sloan SW, Krabbenhoft K, Hjiaj M (2005) Lower bound limit analysis with adaptive remeshing, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 63, 1961-1974. (PDF 1990KB)
  9. Hjiaj M, Huang W, Krabbenhoft K, Sloan SW (2005) Formulation of non-standard dissipative behaviour of geomaterials, Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 52, 147-165. (PDF 241KB)
  10. Krabbenhoft K, Lyamin AV, Hjiaj M, Sloan SW (2005) A new discontinuous upper bound limit analysis formulation, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 63, 1069-1088. (Significant Paper Award, IACMAG) (PDF 943KB)
  11. Krabbenhoft K and Damkilde L, Nazem M (2007) An implicit mixed enthalpy-temperature method for phase-change problems, Heat and Mass Transfer, 43, 233-141. (PDF 512KB)
  12. Krabbenhoft K, Lyamin AV, Sloan SW, Wriggers P (2007) An interior-point method for elastoplasticity, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 592-626, 69. (PDF 645KB)
  13. Zhao J, Sheng D, Sloan SW, Krabbenhoft K (2007) Limit theorems for gradient-dependent elastoplastic geomaterials, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 44, 480-506. (PDF 809KB)
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  15. Krabbenhoft K (2007) An alternative to primary variable switching in saturated-unsaturated flow computations, Advances in Water Resources, 30, 483-492, 2007. (PDF 397KB)
  16. Krabbenhoft K, Lyamin AV, Sloan SW (2007) Formulation and solution of some plasticity problems as conic programs, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 44, 1533-1549, 2007. (PDF 340KB)
  17. Krabbenhoft K, Lyamin AV, Sloan SW (2007) Shakedown of a cohesive-frictional half-space subjected to rolling and sliding contact, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 44, 3998-4008, 2007. (PDF 233KB)
  18. Krabbenhoft K, Lyamin AV, Sloan  SW (2008) Three-dimensional Mohr-Coulomb limit analysis using semidefinite programming, Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering, 24, 1107-1119. (PDF 223KB)
  19. Krabbenhoft K, Krabbenhoft J (2008) Application of the Poisson-Nernst-Planck equations to the migration test, Cement and Concrete Research 38, 77-88. (PDF 1.08MB)
  20. Zhao JD, Sloan SW, Lyamin AV, Krabbenhoft K (2008) Bounds for shakedown of cohesive-frictional materials under moving surface loads, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 45, 3290-3312. (PDF 693KB)
  21. Krabbenhoft K (2009) A variational principle of elastoplasticity and its application to the modeling of frictional materials, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 46, 464-479. (PDF 337KB)
  22. Al-Tarawneh KK, Buzzi O, Krabbenhoft K, Lyamin AV (2009), Discussion of the paper: "Experimental Investigation" by KP Nair et al., Journal of Porous Media, 12, 289-291. (PDF 2.87MB)
  23. Al-Tarawneh KK, Buzzi O, Krabbenhoft K, Lyamin AV, Sloan SW (2009), An indirect approach for correlation of permeability and diffusion coefficients, Defect and Diffusion Forum, 283-286, 504-514. (PDF 295KB)
  24. Souloumiac P, Leroy YM, Maillot B, Krabbenhoft K (2009), Predicting stress distributions in fold-and-thrust belts and accretionary wedges by optimization, Journal of Geophysical Research, 114, B09404. (PDF 998KB)
  25. Karim MR, Krabbenhoft K (2010), Extraction of effective cement paste diffusivities from X-ray microtomography scans, Transport in Porous Media, 84, 371-388. (PDF 750KB)
  26. Karim MR, Krabbenhoft K (2010), New renormalization schemes for conductivity upscaling in heterogeneous media, Transport in Porous Media, 85, 677-690. (PDF 708KB)
  27. Souloumiac P, Krabbenhoft K, Leroy Y, Maillot B (2010), Failure in accretionary wedges with the maximum strength theorem: numerical algorithm and 2D validation, Computational Geosciences, 14, 793-811. (PDF 913KB)
  28. Krabbenhoft K, Lyamin AV (2012), Computational Cam clay plasticity usingsecond-order cone programming, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 209-212, 239-249. (PDF 698KB)
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  30. Krabbenhoft S, Damkilde L, Krabbenhoft K (2012), Lower-bound calculations ofthe bearing capacity of eccentrically loaded footings in cohesionless soil, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 49, 298-310. (PDF 1.61MB)
  31. Krabbenhoft K, Karim MR, Lyamin AV, Sloan SW (2012), Associated computational plasticity schemes for nonassociated frictional materials, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 90, 1089-1117. (PDF 2.1 MB)
  32. Krabbenhoft K, Huang J, Vicente da Silva M, Lyamin AV (2012), Granular contact dynamics with particle elasticity, Granular Matter, 14, 607-619. (PDF 1.0 MB)
  33. Huang J, Vicente da Silva M, Krabbenhoft K (2012) Three-dimensional granular contact dynamics with rolling resistance, Computers and Geotechnics, In Press. (PDF 1.16MB)

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