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NEWSYD Geotechnical Testing

NEWSYDThe NEWSYD Geotechnical testing facility is a joint collaboration between the geotechnical research groups of the Universities of Newcastle and Sydney, with additional funding support from Robert Carr and Associates. The facility is a state-of-the-art resource for measurement of in-situ soil properties and has been established to:

  1. Enhance research on the measurement of soil properties and the design and construction of geotechnical structures.
  2. Promote the use of advanced in-situ testing techniques in the geotechnical profession.
  3. Provide training for undergraduate students, postgraduate students and professional engineers in the use of advanced in-situ testing techniques for geotechnical practice.
  4. To provide a vehicle for close collaboration between the University of Newcastle, University of Sydney and geotechnical practice at large.

To cover the costs of its operation, maintenance and development, the testing facility is available to industry for a limited amount of commercial consulting.

In line with the objectives listed above, the facility is run as a nonprofit concern. Commercial rates for various tests may be found by contacting our professional geotechnical testing engineer.

Laboratory Testing

The Geotechnical Research Group regularly performs advanced laboratory testing including:

  • Stress path triaxial testing
  • Strain/pore pressure gradient controlled oedometer testing
  • Large shear box testing of gravels and crushed rock
  • Small shear box testing of shear planes in weathered rock cores
  • Ring shear testing
  • Psychrometer and filter paper suction testing
  • Ion chromatography
  • Large stress controlled calibration chamber testing
  • Unconfined compression testing
  • Texas triaxial testing
  • Shrink-Swell testing
  • Concrete density and compaction measurement and
  • Skid resistance testing of pedestrian surface.

Contact NEWSYD:

Mr Lachlan Bates
Business Manager
NEWSYD Geotechnical Testing Facility
P: +61 2 4921-8978
M: 0408 292 638