Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources

Dr Peter Mayfield

Dr Peter MayfieldDr Mayfield has worked in research and development in the resources industry for over 20 years.

He has qualifications in Chemical Engineering, graduating from the University of Queensland, where he also undertook his PhD studies into Gas Separations using Adsorption Technology.

On completion of his PhD, Dr Mayfield joined the BHP Central Research Laboratories as a Research Engineer supporting the ironmaking Blast Furnace operations of the three BHP Steel works.  Subsequent roles involved undertaking and leading laboratory, pilot scale and plant based research into new pyrometallurgical processing options for materials such as manganese, magnesium and ilmenite as well as addressing technical risk issues related to processing of iron ores in the Hot Briquetted Iron developments in Western Australia and Venezuela   This led to a secondment to Port Hedland to support the plant commissioning in which a novel process solution was devised and successfully implemented to address serious processing issues.

In 2001, just after the merger he took on responsibility for the management of the BHP Billiton Newcastle Technology Centre.  This role continued until June 2010 when BHP Billiton moved to a decentralised Technology model.

Most recently, in September 2010 he took on the role of Chief of CSIRO Energy Technology.  In this role he is responsible for managing and developing the science capability relating to energy research in CSIRO.  This spans from developing technologies for more greenhouse effective ways to use fossil fuels such as coal to the development and integration of renewable technologies such as solar and wind as well as finding more efficient ways to generate, distribute and use energy.