Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources

Education Investment Fund Project

NIER is an Australian Government initiative, funded through the Education Investment Fund, and is generously supported by the NSW Government. The objective of the NIER project has been to build and establish a world-class facility and to create a critical mass of leading researchers, across disciplines, to undertake innovation research for next generation energy and distribution solutions and minimising energy usage in the resources sector.

NIER is the centrepiece of the University's Energy and Resources Precinct and comprises extensive mineral, chemical and related technical laboratories, offices, industrial‐scale pilot plant workshops and research demonstration units. The project has involved the refurbishment of existing buildings and integration works to link the site to the Callaghan campus. The project has also included the design and construction of an additional state-of-the-art research building housing laboratories and additional office space (see fly-through video below). This construction comprises multiple developments with Stage 1A completed in November 2013 and Stage 1B (an extension to the 1A development) completed in in December 2015. The construction of this research infrastructure and subsequent capacity for industrial-scale research projects ensures NIER is well equipped to contribute to industrial transformation with research focused on high performance, low emission and innovative technologies critical for the aligned objectives of economic growth and environmental sustainability.

NIER - new research building stage 1B construction

NIER - new research building stage 1A construction

New NIER building flythrough

Major Project Partners

APP Principal Consultant
HY Principal Contractor - Stage 1B
Cockram  Principal Contractor - Stage 1A