The Centre for Multiphase Processes is a major centre for research and research training in the science and technology of fine particles and bubbles.

Centre for
Centre for Multiphase Processes

Our Mission and Goals

Our Mission

The mission of the Centre is to become a focus for research and research training, in the field of multiphase processes.

The Centre will:

  • comprise a recognisable and visible group of active researchers, well-resourced and supported to carry out their research functions;
  • encourage the pursuit of excellence in research;
  • promote research which will enhance Australia's future economic, social and cultural well-being;
  • provide linkages to international centres and programs in the field;
  • provide a high-quality research environment for post-graduate research education and post-doctoral training;
  • be of high repute in the wider community and serve as a point of interaction with other institutions, government, industry and the private sector; and
  • create an environment to foster development of intellectual property to the benefit of the Australian economy.

Our Goals

The Centre will:

  • carry out fundamental and applied research of high quality, into the science and technology of multiphase processes;
  • orovide the postgraduate training and education of the highest quality for PhD students and postdoctoral workers;
  • develop the Centre as a national school of scientific and technological activity, involving both academic and industry researchers and technologists, working in the field of multiphase systems and fine particle technology generally;
  • strengthen and further develop links with industry, in support of industrial research and practice; and
  • provide an effective management structure.