Adult Lifestyle Incentives for Vitality and EnergyALIVE

Adult Lifestyle Incentives for Vitality and Energy

ALIVE is a cross-disciplinary collaboration among our University community that supports health professionals to assist their clients with weight management through lifestyle changes. The group is affiliated with the PRC for Physical Activity and Nutrition (PAN) and The Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI).

A survey completed by the ALIVE team showed that health professionals believe it is within their scope to practice to provide healthy lifestyle advice for weight management, and they are more likely to do this if they had received training in providing evidence-based weight management advice.  Therefore, oportunites exist to engage the allied health workforce in provision of lifestyle advice to at risk patients as a strategy to counter the obesity epidemic.

ALIVE is currently evaluating the feasibility, development and implementation of a training package that assists regional health professionals from multiple disciplines in providing healthy lifestyle advice to patients who are overweight or obese.

Key contacts
Dr Suzanne Snodgrass

Dr Maya Guest

Professor Ashley Kable

Dr Carole James

Samantha Ashby

Professor Ronald Plotnikoff

Professor Clare Collins