Gomeroi Babies Program

About us

The Gomeroi gaaynggal ('Babies from Gomeroi lands') program is working to improve the health outcomes and opportunities for Aboriginal women and their children. Aboriginal people have increased rates of chronic diseases, particularly kidney disease, and our research and community work seeks to understand this and create health change.

Our scientific research and our community ArtsHealth program have been underway since 2009. We work in partnership with the Aboriginal communities of Tamworth and Walgett. The Gomeroi gaaynggal program has its own centre in Tamworth that offers up clinical and office space for research, a crèche, working art studio, art gallery and outdoor space, including a fresh vegie patch. The Gomeroi gaayggal Centre is open to the public and regularly hosts events within the premises. We work collaboratively with a large number of health organisations and departments of the university.

Our large team of staff, investigators and supporters are all passionate about improving health for Aboriginal people, increasing the research capacity of Aboriginal communities and providing educational opportunities for Aboriginal people at all stages of their lives.

Staff of the Tamworth GG program
Staff of the Tamworth Gomeroi gaaynggal program