The University of Newcastle, Australia


Research Areas

The Group deliver applied research with a focus on the following research themes:

  • Biochemistry and biology
  • Molecular nutrition
  • Food chemistry and functional food
  • Post-harvest technology
  • Food processing
  • Food and consumer behaviour
  • Nutrition, food and health research and education
  • Marine and plant science


Located at UON’s Ourimbah and Callaghan campuses, the Food Science Research Group utilises various facilities and equipment for food research. These include;

  • A horticulture lab with various temperature control systems, a UV treatment system, Ethylene, NO and H2S supplying system for controlling postharvest life of fresh produce.
  • Food processing labs with various analytical machines (including High Performance Liquid Chromatography gas and gas mass spectrometry systems texture analysers, homogenizer, various dryer, extraction and high temperature processing systems
  • A kitchen lab for food preparation, testing and consumer studies. This includes a pilot room for processing food and sensory laboratory including preparation space and six booths.
  • Biology lab with equipment and facilities for testing microbial activities.
  • PC2 Lab for further testing anti-cancer properties in vitro and other molecular nutritional studies.

Student Opportunities

Approximately 100 undergraduate students are currently studying food science and human nutrition at UON’s Ourimbah campus. The Group welcomes undergraduate students in this discipline equipping students with industry ready skills and exposure to stimulating career pathways through established industry networks.

Similarly, postgraduate students are welcome to participate in research opportunities. Approximately 80% of research students are international scholars, affording opportunities to extend existing collaborations with overseas institutes.