About The Hunter Outreach Project

The project is funded through the aegis of the Department of Family and Community Services. Due to the flexibility of our funding, services are offered to any family requesting extra support, as long as they have at least one child up to 17 years of age.

The work involves a variety of activities including support, referrals and parenting programs.

The services and activities currently offered by the is project include;

  • Family Work: If you would like to be contacted by a Family Worker please contact Jane Mitchell on 4985 4939 or 0417 305 563 or email:  jane.e.mitchell@newcastle.edu.au
  • Parenting Programs:
  • If you are interested in our Parenting Programs, they are regularly advertised on the Resourcing Parents Website: http://resourcingparents.nsw.gov.au/ or you can phone the Family Action Centre on the number above.