The optimisation of a small-scale diffuser augmented wind turbine (DAWT)

Joss Kesby

The addition of a specially shaped duct, known as a diffuser, to a small wind turbine can potentially improve the energy production of the turbine due to the diffuser reducing the impact of turbulence on the turbine’s performance and allowing more energy to be extracted from a given wind speed.

This project involves using an evolutionary algorithm to optimise the geometry of both the diffuser and the turbine blades to maximise the energy generated by a small wind turbine located at a typical site. The resulting optimised diffuser augmented wind turbine (DAWT) has been constructed using 3D printing techniques for use in wind tunnel testing to validate the optimisation method.

It is envisaged that this research will make small wind turbines more attractive to people and businesses who wish to reduce their carbon footprint and gain energy independence, particularly in conjunction with a solar photovoltaic system.

Joss Kesby is currently involved with the commercialisation of this technology. More details can be found at