2009 Korean Course

APP OFWG Capacity Building Course

5-6 February 2009, KEPRI, Korea

A course was held at the Electric Power Research Institute, in Daejeon, South Korea, in February 2009.

The course was targeted at delegates from Asian countries where understanding of oxy-fuel technology is developing, including Korea, China, India and SE Asian countries.

The first day, February 5, detailed the status of the technology, underpinning science, laboratory, mathematical modelling and pilot-scale evaluation of coal.

The second day, February 6, detailed research developments, and the status of current international demonstrations, a session with a panel of experts to answer questions nominated prior by delegates, and a plant visit.

Contributing lecturers


Prof Terry Wall, Dr Jianglong Yu, APP;University of Newcastle, Australia

Dr Stanley Santos, IEAGHG, England

Dr Joerg Maier, University of  Stuttgart, Germany

Demonstration proponents:

Dr Sung-chui Kim KEPRI, Korea

Dr Gerry Hesselmann, Doosan Babcock, Scotland

Technology provider:

Youngkyoo Han, Praxair, Korea

Country presentation:

Professor Ningsheng Cai, Tsinghua University, China

Course Schedule

Thursday February 5th
0900 - 0930 Welcome and Introduction to course and participants
0930 - 1100

Lecture 1a - Wall
Pulverised coal oxyfuel combustion for carbon capture and storage

Lecture 1b - Yu
Fluidised bed oxyfuel combustion

1100 - 1230 Lecture 2 - Santos
Oxyfuel status and technology overview
1330 - 1430 Lecture 3 - Yu
Oxyfuel combustion science
1430 - 1600 Lecture 4 - Han
Oxygen supply and CO2 compression
1600 - 1700 Break and discussion, combustion and compression
Friday February 6th
0900 - 1000 Lecture 5 - Maier
Pilot scale combustion testing
1000 - 1100

Lecture 6 - Hesselmann
Large scale combustion testing

1100 - 1230 Oxyfuel demonstrations

Lecture 7a – Hesselmann
Large scale oxyfuel demonstrations

Lecture 7b - Kim
The Korean oxyfuel demonstration

1330 - 1445Country oxyfuel research and development outlines

Lecture 8a Cai
Chinese oxyfuel developments

Lecture 8b Kim Korean oxyfuel developments

1445 - 1530Discussion and panel session

Lecture 9 Wall
Progressing oxyfuel technology deployment

1530 - 1700 Plant visit  KEPRI pilot-scale facilities