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Dr Julie McIntyre

Research Academic

School of Humanities and Social Science (History)

T: (02) 4921 7029

F: (02) 4921 6933


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Professor Rebecca Mitchell

Conjoint Professor

Newcastle Business School (Management and Organisational Studies)

T: (02) 4921 6828

F: (02) 4921 6911


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Professor Kevin Lyons

Professor and Assistant Dean

Newcastle Business School (Tourism)

T: (02) 4921 8989

F: (02) 4921 6911


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Dr Tamara Bucher

Senior Lecturer

School of Health Sciences


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Kristine Deroover

Casual Research Assistant

School of Health Sciences


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Associate Members

Dr David Dunstan

Senior Research Associate

School of Media. Film and Journalism
Faculty of Arts 
Monash University

T: (03) 990 34037


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Dr Sidsel Grimstad


Newcastle Business School

T: (02) 49216271


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Dr William Skinner

Adjunct Fellow

Discipline of Anthropology & Development Studies
School of Social Sciences 
The University of Adelaide

Dr. William Skinner is a recent PhD in Anthropology from the University of Adelaide and currently works there as a casual academic instructor. His thesis, entitled Fermenting place: wine production and terroir in McLaren Vale, South Australia, explores the ways local producers experience, understand and represent place and landscape in the context of a near-urban wine region. Based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork, the thesis argues that the particular ‘terroir perspective’ taken by producers in the Vale is informed both by direct phenomenological engagement with the land and by engagement with a broader, globalised wine discourse. His research interests relate to the changing relationship of viticulture to notions of cultural identity and heritage. Current projects include work around the Mt Lofty Ranges World Heritage Bid in South Australia, and research on authocthonous grape varieties in Hvar, Croatia.

T: (08) 8313 5730


International members

Professor James Simpson

Professor of Economic History

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

About Professor James Simpson

Professor James Simpson is an international expert on the history of world wine business from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He brings his expertise as an economic historian to the Vines, Wine and Identity project as a Partner Investigator.

From early in his research career, Prof Simpson's interest has been in agricultural history. This was the focus of his PhD, Agricultural growth and technical change: the olive and wine in Spain, 1860-1936, and book, Spanish agriculture: the long Siesta, 1765-1965 (Cambridge University Press, and Alianza Universidad).

More recently his interests have shifted to institutional change. "Wine was, and remains, an integral part of southern Europe's farm economy," said Prof Simpson. "There are however comparatively few academic studies that offer a comparative perspective to problems of production, marketing and consumption – a task I tried to tackle in Creating Wine: the Emergence of a World Industry, 1840-1914." (Princeton University Press, 2011).

Currently, Prof Simpson is researching the Spanish wine industry from the mid-eighteenth century to the present day.

Associate Professor Rumina Dhalla

Associate Professor, Organizational Studies and Sustainable Commerce

About Associate Professor Rumina Dhalla

Dr. Rumina Dhalla is an Associate Professor, Organisational Studies and Sustainable Commerce area in the Department of Management, College of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph. She is also the Project Lead for the Guelph East Africa Initiative.

Her main research interests are in organisational identity and reputation and their influence and implications for organizational strategies, sustainability and CSR.  She teaches sustainable value creation and corporate responsibility in the graduate and undergraduate programs.

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