Scientific committee

Wine worlds, networks and scales

Intermediation in the production, distribution and consumption of wine

Monde du vin, réseaux et échelles

Intermédiations dans la production, la distribution et la consommation du vin

Co-convenors and heads of the scientific committee      

Corinne Marache, Universitè Bordeaux-Montaigne

Julie McIntyre, University of Newcastle

Committee members

Kathleen Brosnan, University of Oklahoma

Marc de Ferrière le Vayer, Universitè Francois Rabelais

John Germov, University of Newcastle

Stephanie Lachaud, Universitè Bordeaux-Montaigne

Raphaël Schirmer, Universitè Bordeaux-Montaigne

We aim to keep this meeting as a single stream event and presentation places are limited. Each member of the scientific committee will independently rank the abstract proposals received. These rankings will be combined to devise a list of conference participants. Non-presenting attendance is also encouraged.

A special panel is planned for postgraduate students working on wine studies topics.

Postgraduate convenor: Mikaël Pierre, Dual Award candidate, University of Newcastle and Universitè Bordeaux-Montaigne.