SMARTDESIGN Interdisciplinary
Research Group

About Us

SMARTDESIGN is a network of interdisciplinary scholars from Design, IT and Health that is taking a user centred
co-design approach to developing and testing mobile health interventions to meet the rapidly changing health needs of Australians. Our objectives are to design mobile health applications for patients and their caregivers to have
greater self-management over their health conditions and enabling adherence to medical advice and

Our approach to research builds common ground between diverse academic disciplines in order to address the emerging challenges and opportunities in society, industry and commerce. Our aim is to and to develop new hybrid forms of research activities and research scholars which will result in a new generation of graduates to lead the emerging industries and practices of the future.

The Smart Design Group focuses on applying Design, IT and Health methodologies to a wide set of challenges in the public and private sectors. Our research will support key policy priorities in order to future-proofing Australian industry, delivering local and international growth, and enabling social innovation and public sector reform.

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