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Theory and Social Change in the Sociology of Youth

June 24 2020 This online seminar was hosted by the Newcastle Youth Studies Network in conjunction with the Consortium for Youth, Generations and Culture and features three contemporary researchers from Europe and more.

Youth Studies and the Challenges of Late Capitalism in a Globalised World

4th - 5th December 2019  Youth are always at the vanguard of social change. Facing an uncertain and insecure global economy, they strategise and struggle towards achieving their ambitions, reworking aspirations, and rethinking adult futures. Youth studies has a proud history of creating knowledge and understanding of young people’s lives and must now engage with projects that create a future for youth as the perilous realities of late capitalism in a globalised world more.

Theories and Concepts in Youth symposium

Theories and Concepts in Youth Studies Symposium

Friday 24 July 2015 At this symposium participants discussed some of the theoretical implications associated with researching youth in an era of rapid social, cultural and economic change. This provided the impetus to explore the conceptual orthodoxies and challenges which continue to dominate the sociology of youth, and examine the potentials and pitfalls associated with theoretical innovations in the discipline... read more.

Youth Outside the Northern Metropole

Youth Outside the Northern Metropole symposium 2014

Friday 29 August 2014 International and Australian youth researchers at the Youth Outside the Northern Metropole symposium in Newcastle, Australia, presented their studies on urban youth in the global 'South'; regional/rural youth in Australia... read more.